Finding The Right Serger Thread

Mickey | Shopping | Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Serger Thread


Serger thread is made especially to be compatible with serger machines that cut and finish the raw edges of the fabric or material after a sewing project including rolled hems and edges as well as ruffles. Sergers are used in conjunction with sewing machines to give a polished edge much more easily and in less time than a sewing machine’s capabilities. It is important to use a good thread made to fit with the serger’s capabilities in order to not only get the best finish for the materials but also to prevent damage to the machine.

For instance, good serger thread should not be fuzzy since this leaves a mess in the machine as well as on the material. A good quality thread will sew better and more smoothly with more consistent and stronger seams. It should also be strong even if it has a soft finish and color fastness is also a virtue. The thread’s versatility may also determine its quality, especially if a fine size thread can be used in all kinds of materials including lightweight ones.

Serger thread is typically available in a cone spool and may adapt to most serger machines. Although this is the only type of thread that can be used in a serger machine, it may also be used in regular sewing machines. It is meant to withstand the higher speeds of sergers so it will not break in a regular sewing machine. There are also many types of serger threads including woolly nylon, which is incredibly strong and resilient. Long staple polyester is popular since it is a kind of all-purpose thread. Cotton and cotton blends tend to leave more lint than other threads and can break at higher speeds. However, cotton threads can also give good end results when used correctly.

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