Finding The Best Stair Basket

Mickey | General | Monday, December 27th, 2010

As days grow more hectic, having the time to tidy up becomes a challenge. An easy way to keep your household neat is to find a stair basket that you like. A stair basket is a great addition to any home, serving double duty as it looks good and keeps the home neat.

Having a stair basket means that you can put items, big or little, in a convenient tote so that when the next person heads up the stairs, they can simply pick it up and bring it with them. Easily accommodating everything from mittens and gloves to socks and electronics, there is no excuse for these items not to find their way home. When you have multiple baskets on your stairs, every person who resides here may have a basket of their own. It would be wonderful to have a place to put the little trinkets of day to day life in one place, than leave the responsibility of putting them away to the owner.

Many shops carry these baskets. You can find them at big chain retailers, and you may find them in a specialty shop or business that sells baskets and room decor. Large craft stores usually have a department filled with baskets, and if you have a coupon you can get them at a great discount. And do not overlook shops and websites featuring Amish crafts or treasures hand-crafted of wicker and other natural materials. A more contemporary look will feature the tailored look of leather, faux leather or suede like materials.

When choosing a basket, it is usually as simple as finding a style you like, crafted of a material you find attractive. A wicker stair basket looks terrific in any setting, and is the most commonly seen. Checking the height of your stairs, and perhaps the width of your tread, could be useful as the dimensions of these stair baskets can vary, and you need to be sure it will fit on your stairs safely. After you have determined the exact measurement you need, your search is as simple as going to a nearby store to check what they may carry. Even easier is to find a comfortable chair and do some web searching, as many outlets are available online to find just the right stair basket to suit your needs.

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