Finding Mac Makeup Ideas

Mickey | General | Friday, November 26th, 2010

There is really only one place in this makeup lovers mind to find the most densely concentrated Mac makeup ideas. That is Youtube. Youtube as a source for makeup ideas may come as a surprise to some people. I know it did to my sister when I ran to the computer to show her a tutorial that I discovered online.

There are a bunch of people teaching about how to apply mac makeup now on Youtube but some are really outstanding. I do believe they fall into two categories. The categories are loosely gathered along the lines of age.

A set of teachers who teach for a younger crowd and a set of video teachers that teach for a crowd a little older with somewhat more conservative tastes. Of course age and taste do not always follow parallel lines but it seems to usually be the situation.

Younger teachers teach more cutting edge stuff. Styles that have just come out. Ones that teach about the latest Lady GaGa look or how to do your makeup like a celebrity that was on a awards show last week. Sometimes these teachers are even quite good making up their own stuff.

The older teachers are teaching a lot more technique that you will use every day or for that special night out but the mac makeup techniques are not that different of a look than traditional looks although some may be more dramatic than others.

Whatever teacher you prefer to follow or take your mac makeup ideas from you can search around and you are sure to find a personality to teach you the style that you find most appealing.

Here is something that you may want to consider. Set up a reader account and subscribe to the rss feeds from several teachers and then you can pick and choose and find the favorite from a whole set of teachers. I bet you will find a favorite teacher that will quickly end up teaching you a million and one mac makeup techniques.

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