Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat the Natural Way

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Monday, November 29th, 2010

There are 1001 reasons why we have belly fats, and why we have them in abundance.  Going down to the bottom of things is a good way of coming up with several alternatives to solve the issues, including fat bellies.

If you have a fat belly because you eat too much, eating less won’t remove the fatty tissues. Fat cells seem have a life of their own and they just won’t go away after you’ve decided that it’s time for them to take a hike. Maybe if you’ll do it instead, they may evidently oblige you. Hiking won’t be enough though, belly fats are a class of their own and you will need to do more than just take 4 000 steps a day. The fastest way to lose belly fat involves more than one method.

Let’s be realistic and stop kidding ourselves. We’ll just be fooling ourselves if we treat our fat bellies with a kid’s glove.  Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to exhaust and starve yourself to do it, although it will be a fitting punishment for you for the over indulgences you did in the past. Kidding aside, what you need is consistency and patience.

First, you’ll need to take food supplements to cleanse and detoxify your body, especially the walls of your digestive system where anything you eat gets carried away by the blood to the different parts of the body where they are specifically needed. You will also need to take some of natural cleansing foods like cranberry juice and honey.

During the cleansing stage you will eat nothing but power protein supplements, which is not bad since they taste good and you won’t get hungry at all. Continue doing this and in three days the effects will begin to manifests themselves. I won’t tell you what. Find out for yourself, but I’m sure it’s something that you’ll like.

Start disciplining yourself. Reduce your food intake as much as you can and distribute them up to six times a day and eat only natural fat burning foods. You can reduce you’re eating to five times by substituting your lunch with food supplements instead.  Don’t break the routine and you’ll have a perfect belly in no time at all. This is the fastest way to lose belly fats the natural way and how to lose weight effectively.

Too much protein is bad for your kidneys. Exercising will help in assimilating the proteins in to your body. This is very important:  ask your physician’s advice before going into any weight loss regimen involving food supplements.

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