Fast Weight Loss Requires Flexibility

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Any weight loss program will be hard on your body, especially if you are on a fast weight loss program. Loosing weight fast may be healthy in the long run but in the short term it will stress your system. It is common to see dieters over train and under eat, which causes your body to not recover properly. This is ok in the short term if you build recovery into a workout program, but left unchecked it can wreak havoc.

Another common problem that I see is that there are often lingering effects from overtraining and under eating. This means that even if you build recovery into a program you will still need to seek and active recovery at some point. The most common overtraining symptom I see is a lack of flexibility.

It is easy to neglect your flexibility, especially if you are focused on loosing weight quickly or gaining muscle. The extra 30 minutes per workout that you have to dedicate to mobility seems like too much of a sacrifice.

You can actually get away with this for a long time. If you are more concerned about appearance that actual performance your flexibility is not that much of an issue, especially when you are younger. But as you start to age many of your aches and pains can be attributed to lack of flexibility. At first they may seem like coming of age battle scars, they manifest as lower back pain, hip tightness, or even foot pain. They will start as a nuisance and grow into a problem that requires attention.

At this point many people will start to slow down and neglect exercise because it causes too much pain. This will only make matters worse. You should recognize this pain as a signal from your body that you need to change your strategy and start working on your mobility.

Increasing your flexibility can literally take years off of your posture and the way you feel when you get out of bed in the morning. Mobility will increase your ability to hit the gym hard and do the things that you love to do as you get older. So, don’t let a fast weight loss session of your youth effect you years down the road.

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