Famous People who were Cremated

Mickey | General | Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Who says that only those who are in a tight budget would opt for cremation? It is true that the cremation costs are way cheap compared to burial that is why more people who have no sufficient money for a traditional burial would rather have the corpse cremated. There are also famous, rich and once-popular people who were cremated:

  1. Albert Einstein – who does not know the person whom we branded as “one of the greatest physicists of all times” ? yes, even Albert Einstein was cremated.
  2. Sigmund Freud – if you’ve studied psychology or you are a psychiatrist by profession or perhaps you are just a wide reader then chances are you already know who the father of modern psychoanalysis is, “which serves as the current basis for all existing theories about understanding the mind”.  Sigmund Freud was not buried like we thought he was instead his family thought it would be best if his corpse be cremated.
  3. Robert Oppenheimer – the first person to exploit nuclear energy. Robert Oppenheimer is thought to be the most important nuclear physicist to work on the American Manhattan Project.
  4. Arthur Rubenstein – Singers, musicians and other music enthusiasts knew who Arthur Rubenstein is because he is considered as one of the greatest pianists and conductors of the 20th century.  There is even an “Arthur Rubenstein International Piano Competition” named in his honor.
  5. Harpo Marx – it was his decision to have his body cremated as stated in his Last Will and Testament.
  6. William Alexander “Bud” Abbott– (October 2, 1897 – April 24, 1974) was an American actor, producer and comedian born in Asbury Park, New Jersey. During World War II, Abbott  was among the most popular and highest-paid stars in the world. Between 1941 and 1956 he made more than 30 films, and earned a big sum of money out of it. He was also popular on radio throughout the 1940s.  Bud Abbott suffered from epilepsy and died of cancer at the age of 76 (reported as 78) on April 24, 1974 in Woodland Hills, California. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean

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