Engagement Rings: Show Her Your Love with a Diamond Pear Engagement Ring

Mickey | Jewelry | Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Diamond Pear Engagement Ring


Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement RingA good representation of your feelings for your partner is through pear shaped engagement rings. It is one of the diamond rings that are of an odd shape making it an original. Also referred to as teardrop, this pear shaped diamond rings won’t let you shed a tear because the design maintains its beauty after decades. Little hands with fair sized fingers are suited for wearing diamond pear rings. Look at the cut rather than the size, to gauge quality. The pear shape renders the ring with more elegant look.

Your pear shape diamond engagement ring could come in any color you want. Yellow tinted diamonds may be a great idea instead of the going with the norm which is using white diamonds. Just remember that when you choose diamond colors, make sure it fits the color of the setting. Next, look at the diamond and gauge its clarity. Clarity is gauged upon the diamonds flaws both inside and out.

A flaw refers to the cracks or discoloration or any unwanted marks inside or outside the diamond. Some diamonds could have scratches and unwanted marks on the surface and this is called blemishes. If the diamond’s unwanted marks are inside, they are called inclusions .It is very seldom that you will find diamonds in perfect shape, both inside and outside.

These diamonds are expensive because of their clarity. Diamonds engagement ring shaped like tear drops or pears are high priced. They sell for about 2000 dollars, maybe more. If you are on a budget and cannot afford pear cut diamonds, choose round cut diamonds instead. Round cut diamonds are sold at a lower price. Some opt to buy pear cut diamonds priced at a thousand dollars or below. I think that they are making bad purchases because cheap pear cut diamonds will have obvious imperfections.

Jewelers have different degrees of craftsmanship and it is important to look at how the ring is made. If you don’t like the ring displayed in shops, or the ones in brochures and catalogues of the jewelers – maybe you have something in mind and couldn’t quite find it – then maybe you can consider having the jeweler create a ring just for you. A custom made ring that you can call your own. Take a gander at the cushion cut engagement rings while you are at it.

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