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Mickey | Games | Sunday, December 26th, 2010

If you think computer gaming is totally worthless, uneducational, and harmful to your kid, better think again. As a parent, I totally understand the apprehension of other parents on the rising popularity of computer games and the articles regarding its harmful benefits as well. It has been shown in the past researches that indeed computer gaming can totally bring harm to a child if played without proper parental guidance which can lead to longer time on playing games, setting aside other priorities, strained eyes, and other possible consequences. However, if you will try to check out other gaming sites online, you will find yourself that there are a lot of educational games indeed that might as well even help your kid excel in the class and become successful individuals in the long run.

One example is the electronic chess game. Chess game is a game for the brain. It totally develops the strategic thinking of the player and enhances eye focus. It also promotes harmonious and quite vicinity as it is not a loud game. With electronic chess game, you will also be able to keep track of your moves; your levels won, and increase difficulty level. On one hand, electronic chess games also shows practical moves to win in the game. So if you have noticed that your child loves educational and challenging games like chess then maybe you ought to get one for him as this will greatly increase his skills. On one hand, if he loves super hero play, then let him engage with Power Rangers games or shooting games if he loves to? Moreover, there are lots of other unblocked games online that might as well be beneficial to him. The bottom line is that electronics games are not harmful at all as long as the parents have complete guidance and control of the player.

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