Electric vs. Diesel Forklifts and Pallet Trucks

Mickey | General | Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Many people choose electric forklift trucks in their warehouse because of the fact that it is impractical to use internal combustion machines such as diesel forklift trucks. Diesel forklift trucks can run longer however they will also cost more money in the long run to maintain as well. The reason for this is because they have more moving parts. If you are looking for a solution which is optimal for indoor usage you should consider purchasing electric pallet jack trucks. Electric pallet jacks are very smooth quiet and they also do not create any fumes which is very important if you are using your machines inside. When you are price shopping you’ll notice that electric pallet jacks will usually cost more upfront in comparison to the diesel counterpart.

The reason for this is because electric forklift batteries are extremely expensive. Once you purchase your electric forklift truck you want to make sure that your staff is product fully trained adequately so that they know how to extend the life of your forklift batteries. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that they have a sense of check so that they reviewed the battery conditions on a weekly basis. One of the things that will always have to do is check the fluid level in your forklift batteries. The forklift fluid level is very important as running your batteries with low fluid can cause your batteries to prematurely fail over time. Another thing which causes premature failure in electric forklift trucks is when owners do not allow the forklifts to fully depleted battery status before they attempt to recharge them. Recharging half full batteries will greatly shortly the overall life of your electric forklift batteries. You can expect that your forklift batteries will last about 3 to 4 years as long as you properly maintain them. This is very important as your batteries will cost thousands dollars when you have to eventually replace them.

If you plan on using your truck in an outdoor environment more than likely you’ll want to purchase a diesel fuel forklift truck instead. The reason for this is because you cannot use electric pallet jack trucks in wet conditions and they do not perform very well in cold conditions either.

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