Electric Bikes Can Be Great for Your Family’s Health

Mickey | General | Saturday, December 18th, 2010


Mark Ellis.

When you talk about great innovations and improvements in things that you find every day at your house, you need to look no further than your bicycle. Over the last several years there has been a great improvement and an innovation that has been around for almost a century. The innovation and improvement that I am referring to is in the area of electric bicycles. In case you didn’t know, these bicycles that are powered by electric motors have been around for quite some time, but it hasn’t been until the last 15 years that drastic improvements have been made.

Basically, when you ride an electric bicycle, you are pumping the pedals and whenever sensors on the bicycle detect that you are pumping the pedals harder, the electric motor, which is encased in a hub on the rear will assist you in your ride. This provides you with a very easy and smooth transition to where you are barely pedaling at all. As a matter of fact, riding an electric bicycle is very similar to writing a stationary bicycle at a gymnasium, with the exception of the fact that you are moving outside and going places. It really is a great way to stay healthy while going somewhere and enjoying the great outdoors.

One of the things that most people do not consider when they think about electric bikes, is the fact that you can adjust the power on an electric bike to help you whenever you need it. Once again, this is very similar to what a stationary bicycle can do for you. You can easily adjust the fitness level on your electric bicycle much like you would on a stationary bike at the gym, and that will allow the electric motor to kick in whenever you need it. This is a really great innovation for people who normally can’t pedal a bicycle uphill or on any kind of steep or hazardous terrain. If you were to ride a electric bicycle up a hill, the sensors would be able to detect that you were pedaling harder and the electric motor would assist you so you would glide easily uphill. If you’re person that has sore legs or arthritis, then this would be a great help.

Another thing to consider when you think about purchasing electric bicycle for fitness, is the price of electric bicycle. Now, some electric bikes come with some very powerful electric motors. The usual electric bicycle that is recommended for most people is in the 400 Watt to 600 Watt category. The reason for this is if you go over 750 Watts of power of electric bicycle, then you will have to get a license. In some states, you may even have to get insurance for that type of electric vehicle. However, if you stay under the 750 W limit, you will not have to buy a license or get any insurance.

Most people will not need that much power when riding an electric bicycle, unless they need to get somewhere very quickly. If you are going to get a more powerful electric bicycle, you can expect to pay more for it. When you look at the price of a stationary bicycle, you will find that those types of exercise machines can run you well over $1000 and as far as a treadmill is concerned, you will probably pay at least $1200 for one of the cheaper models of those. Most electric bikes start at about $400 and can go up considerably from there, but when you compare the fact that electric bike can be stored just about anywhere (as a matter fact, some can be folded and stored, these are known as folding e – bikes) and you will actually be getting outside to do your exercise and view the scenery, there really is no comparison to what a stationary exercise machine can do for you.

One last thing I would like to mention about electric bicycles, and that is that you can get exercise while writing to work every day. Because of the fact that electric bicycle will be supplying you with power as you pedal harder, you will not be arriving at work, tired and perspiring. This is a great benefit and a motivator to riding an electric bicycle to work, and should be considered as you think about purchasing one.

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