Easy Remedies For Acne and Blackheads

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Adults as well as teens and pre-teens can suffer from the embarrassment of having acne. Although, it is more common with teens. One of the big drawbacks, aside from the physical pain of having a bunch of large pimples, is that it can also damage the tissue on your face, leaving scars as evidence. All is not lost though – you do not need to spend all of your hard earned money trying to cure the common skin disorder. There are many home remedies for acne that can be just as effective as the medication you can purchase.

One of the easiest things to try for a natural cure for acne is a daily application of honey. Honey is an all natural cleaning product that will help to unclog pores, which will start to ease the symptoms of acne. It has been proven to be very soothing to the skin as well, which will be beneficial if you have some pimples that are painful.

Peppermint leaves have been known to help ease the problem of acne. Take a few leaves and mash them up. Once you have a fine powdery like substance, you can apply this to the affected areas. People that have tried this on a daily basis have reported having good luck.

A really great home remedy to try is an oatmeal mask. Simply mix some honey in with a normally cooked batch of oatmeal. To avoid burning yourself, let the mixture completely cool. Be generous with the application of it to your skin and the oatmeal will help absorb any built up oil on your skin. All the while, the honey will help soothe the affected areas. Perform this treatment on a very regular basis, once a day at a minimum, for maximum benefit.

A baking soda mask has proven to be another great home remedy for acne. In a small bowl, mix baking soda with a little bit of water until it is a thick liquid. Generously apply the mixture to your face and wait about twenty minutes. Following which, you should wash it off with warm water. This will absorb excess oil from your skin and you will start to notice a real difference within a few days. Note: Make sure you use a moisturizer so your skin doesn’t get too dry.

Home remedies can be very effective in treating acne if you keep motivated and continually apply them. Remember, your acne won’t clear up on the first day, and probably not even the first week. Just have a little faith and keep applying your treatments, and soon enough, you will be pimple-free!

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