Dust mite and pet allergies

Mickey | General | Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Dust mites are a leading cause of year round allergic rhinitis among people across the world. These microscopic organisms generally breed on the bedding, pillows, mattresses, upholstery and other surfaces in the house that collect dust quickly. A number of people develop an allergy to the droppings of these creatures. One of the easiest ways to avoid dust mite allergy is by maintaining cleanliness around the house and washing the bedding in hot water on a weekly basis. In order to clean the pillow, you can place it in the freezer for nearly two days and then wash it with soap by hand. You can even use dust mite allergen covers for your cushions and pillows to prevent their growth.

Cockroach droppings are another common source of allergy in most homes. This can be dealt with by getting a pest control company to tend to the house. However, if there are only a few of them at your place, you can yourself eliminate them by using bait traps in the cabinets and under the fridge. It would also help to use dehumidifiers in the attic and garage to prevent them from breeding there. In addition to that, you should keep your kitchen, bathroom and garage floors clean. Moreover, if you have pets in the house, you should keep their food in sealed containers so that it does not attract the cockroaches.

This brings us to another common cause of allergies in a household ” pets. Pet allergies such as wheezing and sneezing are often caused due to their skin flakes, bodily excretions such as saliva and urine and their dander. If you or a member in your family has asthma, it is highly recommended that you do not get a hairy pet. It will be much better to get a tropical fish as a pet.

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