Don’t Fear Overhead Garage Storage

Mickey | Home Improvement | Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Overhead Garage Storage


There are so many different places in the garage for storage possibilities that some people still overlook the area where the most space is available to them. Many people typically focus either in the side walls or on the back wall of the garage for storage which is fine, but there is even more space overhead by the ceiling where your biggest place for garage storage resides.

It could be that some people simply block out the concept of using overhead garage storage because of several different reasons. Some people are not comfortable having heavy units hanging above their expensive cars thinking if the worst happens their car will get damaged. Others are not that comfortable going up on ladders to put the household items away for storage and would rather have storage options on the ground. A third worry that some homeowners have is how are they going to be able to get the units hung up in the air? It can be a little more difficult working up overhead for installation but it is still not a very difficult task if you have a helper. If you are not comfortable doing the installation yourself, you could always either hire a handyman to do it for or check with the company where you are buying the overhead garage storage units from if they can do the installation for you.

When you first look up in the air, you may think you don’t have much room for storing multiple units for storage but that is definitely the case, regardless of what size of garage you have. Most overhead units will have different heights the unit can be adjusted to which means you are able to place the overhead storage units either right above the garage door tracks or in the area between where the tracks end and the back of the garage wall.

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