Domain Basics and Some Psychology

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Second to asking friends and family, the internet is the place most people look for resources, any resource, shoe repair, tire care, scriptural commentaries, creative ideas, printer ink and more. If you want a piece of the internet action, you must own a piece of internet real estate.

On the WWW, your first step to owning real estate is securing an address. That address is a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).To keep it simple, we purchase Domain Names.

“My company provides me with a replicated site.” How professional does this look: www.My And, how easy is that to share over the phone? And, can anyone begin to remember that?

“I can secure a FREE site with XYZ.” That’s even more attractive www.SomeCompanyWhoDoesn’,thelittlefish

What happens if the company you know and love sells out, changes its mission, or simply shuts down tomorrow? What if XYZ wants to sell ads to your competitors and place them on ‘your site’ which is actually their site?

Owning your domain allows you to point it at Company A today and Company B tomorrow. Ideally, having your own website or WordPress Blog is security, but we can do that in another article.


  1. Always choose a .com – ALWAYS
  2. Keep it simple.
    1. It must be easy to spell.
    2. Avoid using numbers
    3. Avoid words with different spellings; to, too, two
    4. Never use dots, dashes, or symbols
    5. Confirm your spelling

Some Psychology

  1. Consider your target. Whom do you want coming to your site?
    1. Would they see your domain name and think it relates to their needs?  relates to no one, but me. The only reason to access is to find out more about “Tami DuBose.” targets MLMers who want to expand their training resources.
    2. WIIFM, What’s in it for me – your target? Consider the wants and needs of your target. is a great resource for generating domain ideas. And, remember, domains range from $7-$14/year. You should buy as many as you want.

For those who are already creating an identity and want to go beyond the basics, check out:

 Word Press For MLM

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