Do you want to teach children drawing?

Mickey | General | Sunday, January 16th, 2011

If you want to teach drawing for children then there a few things you need to know beforehand. Firstly you need to love children. It is very important that when you are teaching anything to children that even if you can’t love them you have to really like them. Children can sense fake sincerity a mile away and you need to be truly sincere to work with children.

Another important thing to  know is that you don’t necessarily need to be an artist to teach children how to draw. There are a few very good methods, that are progressive and do not expect you to be an artist to teach art. One of them is the Betty Edwards method of drawing on the right side of the brain. This is a fascinating method that teaches people to disengage from their left brain that is telling them how to draw and to draw using the right brain. This method is really for adults but can be used for elementary school age children as well.

A second progressive  method that deals with even very young children is the Monart method taught by Mona Brooks. She teaches teachers to teach young children how to draw by seeing the world through 5 elements of shape. She has two books that give very specific directions along with lots of pictures and samples that you can copy to use with children.

This method has been used with children as young as 4 years of age and if you read her book you will the see the samples she gives of drawings that have been done with such young children.

There have been many art teachers over the years who have given art classes teaching children to draw by following as they draw different objects. This way of teaching drawing for children is quite boring and only teaches the children how to draw that particular object, not how to draw other things.

So if it is truly drawing that you want to do with kids and not just a bunch of collage ideas then it is strongly recommended that you choose either one of those methods or both combined.

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