Do You Need Business Cards?

Editor | MLM Training Tips | Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Welcome back. I hope you found some journals worthy of your ideas. Now,

Let’s talk about business cards. Do you need business cards to be in business for yourself? NO. Most business cards end up in the trash anyway. People do not do business with you because you have a pretty business card.

I know a successful entrepreneur who doesn’t randomly hand out business cards. His philosophy is one of self responsibility, “If I plan to do business with that person, I’m going to call them.” He simply tells people, “I don’t have a card on me right now. Let me send you one.” Then he precedes to secure their information.

Now, I like business cards. Plus, you can purchase some really creative cards very inexpensively. Here are some pointers:

Your name, your phone number, and your email address must be large enough for someone to read without their glasses. If you choose to be creative, pay attention to your font and any background. There is no prize for having the prettiest card if someone like me, who doesn’t have the strongest eyes in the world, feels like I’m looking at one of those password anagrams.

Keep it simple while allowing it to make you memorable. I like pictures. It sure makes remembering you easier when I can see your picture. If you go the picture route, use a picture from the last decade. Have your friends confirm you still resemble that person.

Ladies, this comment is primarily directed to you. If you work from your home, do not put your home address on your cards. You don’t need to put it on anything. In this day of technology, people do not need to come to your home for anything. A phone number and an email is all the information you need to share publicly.

If your business requires frequent deliveries from strangers, secure one of those mailbox locations found in your local strip mall.

If you want me to look at your business card, please, share it with me. I have an opinion on everything and I’ll let you know my thoughts.

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