Do I Need an Oil Pressure Gauge on my Dashboard?

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Your vehicle’s dashboard has many different indicators, lights and gauges which are used to tell you the health and performance of your car. All of them are important, expecially the oil warning lamp. This is the lamp that becomes illuminated (and sounds a beep) when your motor oil pressure becomes too low.

It is not enough just to have motor oil in your engine it has to be operating under pressure. It should be noted that the oil warning lamp is different to an oil pressure gauge. Whereas an oil pressure gauge tells you the actual pressure as you’re driving along the oil warning lamp only comes on when the pressure falls beneath the manufacturer’s recommended pounds per square inch of pressure.

So in short you do not need an oil pressure gauge. However you do need to know that quick action needs to be taken when the warning lamp comes on. It is also important to make sure that your car has plenty of motor oil before going on any long journeys, I have been caught out myself in this way are needed to stop and purchase motor oil from a service station (which is usually more expensive too).

There are a multitude of reasons for low oil pressure. As we have alluded to the easiest to fix these low pressure caused by lack of oil. Topping up the oil levels can rectify this issue but if you have other problems such as an oil leak or a faulty oil pump these are more expensive to fix and well they are not beyond the realms of the DIY mechanic you’re probably better off getting someone who knows what they’re doing to help you or paying a professional to do it to make sure it is done. Running a car with low oil pressure is not something you want to do for any length of time it was important to get a fix that works.

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