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Mickey | Home Improvement | Friday, December 24th, 2010

As a cheaper alternative, many homebuilders look for fiber cement siding installation. To say, there are cheap vinyl types in the market but not all are durable for a long weather. But they have become so popular as they can have the looks of an historic building, a modern building or stone building because they have various designs that can copycat original materials.

Vinyls are used in vast quantities as homebuilders thought they are very weatherproof and reduce maintenance nightmares. As a result almost two billion square feet of vinyl siding is produced on USA alone and numbers are still rising.

Being honest, vinyl installations are very tricky. Improper installation can waste money by a tear in a big wall of siding, especially if you do not use proper tools and made mistakes in calculations of the walls. If you did not consider the path of the rain and moisture, your vinyls will soon be in trouble as only the outer side of it is weatherproof. Many problems result from the mistakes of vinyl installers, which are often untrained and are not thinking forward before they stick vinyl to the wall. You see, vinyls are not stickers!

Tools needed are hammer, levels, tape measure, chalk line, circular saw with fine blade, knife, tin snips, T-square, caulks, sawing tables, ladders, and a buddy. Get additional snaplock and nail slot punch and a zip unlock tool.

Surface preparation is very critical and is often a mistake for installers. It must be as smooth and clean as possible. Caulk all seams and cracks and around windows and doors and clean and scrub the wall and allow it to dry completely.

Improving your home requires skill and good materials so maintenance work is minimized. Install vinyls according to manufacturer’s instructions so it will stick nicely.

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