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Mickey | Outdoors | Friday, January 28th, 2011

Bimimi Tops for Boats


Over time, the strong beams in direct sunlight can damage a boats deck. By obtaining and using one of the Bimini tops for boats, a boating enthusiast can alleviate that problem. There are two types of tops acrylic and vinyl fabric. Each of these coverings comes in a variety of colors four shades of blue, two shades of red and two of green, light and dark gray, yellow, black, tan, brown and white.

In selecting a cover, the boat owner must find one that fits the boats tower. In order to make that determination, that male or female mariner must measure the distance between the points where the hinges will be mounted. That measurement indicates the proper width of the top. The tops ideal length depends on the type of vehicle that is will have to cover. A length of eight to ten feet is generally best for a pontoon or deck boat fishing and ski boats typically need a top that is six feet long.

A careful online search should yield information on a cover that fits onto a tower without use of a drill. An online search should also aid identification of a manufacturer that provides a free storage boot. Those who want a covering with a five year warranty should put Sunbrella in the search engine.

Of course boating enthusiasts want ride over the water with more than a great canopy. They often go online to look for New Boat Accessories. Some of those accessories keep the vehicle safe when it is away from the water. They are covers, which come in dozens of different styles.

Other electrical accessories help the mariner have a more pleasant experience, while on the sea, river or lake. They are items like a GPS Fishfinder, a GMRS radio, a GPS plotter, an Ice Eater or a gadget that provides fumefire detection.

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