CZ Tennis Bracelets: The Perfect Gift For Any Woman

Mickey | Jewelry | Saturday, December 11th, 2010

If you ever wonder what type of gift would be perfect for a woman, you may want to consider the possibility of buying her a cubic zirconia tennis bracelet. CZ tennis bracelets have been in vogue for some time now as a very welcome replacement to the far more extravagant and expensive diamond tennis bracelet.

Tennis bracelets are bands that are set the entire way around with some type of gemstone. Frequently diamonds were used, though you would often seen tennis bracelets set with other precious or semi precious stones as well. Unfortunately, they were very expensive and as such were usually worn by people who had plenty of money. Yet they made such a great fashion accessory that many women would have loved to have been able to afford one. They can be worn with casual clothing or with formal wear and they look stunning in both situations.

With the advent of manmade gemstones such as cubic zirconias and moissanite gemstones such as those used in moissanite engagement rings, tennis bracelets suddenly became much more affordable and accessible to everyone. Many CZ tennis bracelets are still set in gold, though some of the cheaper bracelets are actually set in silver instead. White gold is a favorite metal to use, as it sets off the clear colored stones very nicely. Yellow gold is also sometimes chosen, as is platinum.

Naturally a CZ tennis bracelet that has stones set in gold is still quite a bit more expensive than one set in silver, yet for most people it is affordable and oftentimes is perfect for giving as a gift. Women young or old can wear them, there are no age restraints on who looks good wearing one. A gold CZ tennis bracelet will cost anywhere from around $300 for a yellow gold bracelet to $400 for a white gold bracelets.  Silver bracelets of a similar style cost around $40 to $50.  In comparison, a diamond tennis bracelet would cost around $5,000 for one set with 5 Carat diamonds or around $1,000 for one set with 2 Carat diamonds. Of course, with diamonds, the price is also dependent on how many are set around the bracelet.

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