Custom Made Nail Polish Rack for Salons and Spas

Mickey | Business | Friday, January 7th, 2011

A custom made nail polish rack is ideal for salons and spas to use. This way they can specify the type of nail polish rack structure they want for their spa and decide on the size and number of bottles it stores. Custom made nail polish racks is possible since there are companies who are into the business of supplying cosmetic needs of a salon or spa.

A custom made nail polish rack is most of the time made from acrylic. These racks are clear and are recognized as durable and sturdy. Acrylic nail polish racks can hold even up to 700+ bottles at the same time. The durability of acrylic nail polish racks makes it a favorite among several salons and department stores. Several nail polish brands also manufacture their own acrylic nail polish rack to store their line of colors.

There are different structures of an acrylic nail polish rack in the market. You can find a revolving nail polish rack, tiered nail polish rack and wall mount nail polish rack. These structures can also be custom made, giving you freedom on the type of structure you wish to use in your salon or spa. Aside from choosing the structure for your nail polish rack, you can also choose how many levels it should have and how many bottles per level it can accommodate.

Choosing the structure and number of levels for your nail polish rack are just some of your options for a custom made rack. You can also choose whether you want to have a side pocket installed on the rack. This side pocket will be an extra storage for your other accessories in your salon or spa. You can also choose whether your nail polish rack is clear or painted with other colors like red and black.

The prices for custom made nail polish racks will differ based on your specifications. Normally you will have to pay the cost of labor and materials used. Companies like PMC Displays and Organizers accept custom made nail polish racks. You can also choose from their stock models of racks for your business.

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