Creative Lighting With Tea Lights

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Tea lights are the small one quarter to one half inch thick small candles that are about the circumference of a quarter coin. They are surrounded by a small, thin metallic band. They must be placed in another vessel or holder of some sort in order to be burned.

First you may want to decide where you want to place the tea lights and the kind of effect you wish to attain. For example, do you have a large bathtub and want tea lights surrounding you in a tranquil bath environment for relaxation? You may want to set a romantic mood. Do you want scented tea lights? Do you want just a couple or a dozen or so?

Tea light holders can be found in stores specializing in candles and many home products based stores. They are also found in mass merchandising stores as well, and in specialty gift shops.

Tea light holders are available in sizes to accommodate just one tea light or many, including ones with elaborate designs. Prices for tea light holders start at under a dollar for a small single vessel. Specialty holders, like candle wall sconces, with great detail and large capacities can go up to one hundred dollars or more. Most can be had for about ten to twenty dollars.

A large decorative tea light holder, accommodating many candles, makes a lovely centerpiece for a dining room or coffee table. Smaller, one or two light holders, perhaps a simple glass one, is delightful around your bath. Tea lights set soothing and relaxing atmospheres and encourages guests to unwind. Tea light groupings also look lovely on a bathroom vanity. A lit display there can keep the room adequately lit during visits without requiring the use of the electric light switch. Scented tea lights in a lavatory or bath helps keep odors at bay and the room pleasantly fragranced.

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