Creating A Purple Bedroom

Mickey | Furniture | Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Is your favorite color purple? Would you love to maybe decorate your bedroom with this beautiful vibrant color? Well unfortunately purple can sometimes be a difficult color to decorate with, but do not fret there are a few simple things that you can do to make a purple bedroom come alive without looking too overwhelming or over the top.

First pick out the shade of purple that you want to use on the walls. Then I would use specific accent pieces to tie the purple walls and the rest of the rooms furnishing together. Things like finding the perfect purple bedding collection for your bed. I would choose one that has the same hue of purple but also has a patter that mixes in some more neutral colors as well. This will tone down the shock factor of walking into an all purple room.

As far as curtains are concerned I would go with a neutral color like white or off white that matches the neutral color in the bedding. This will also help to tone down the vivid purple walls in the room. Just imagine if you went with purple curtains too, the room would have purple over load. So it is vitally important to the rooms design that you get these neutral colors in there to tone things down a little bit.

Then I would finally tie all of the rooms furnishings and décor together with a very nice area rug. There are many different styles and types of purple area rugs available. Most of these rugs can be bought at your local home improvement store or online if you are having a hard time finding the perfect purple area rug to match your rooms décor. So take your time and shop around you never know you just might find that perfect purple area rug and a deal to boot!

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