Cooling The House Down With A Garage Door Insulation Kit

Mickey | Home Improvement | Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Garage doors serve one very important purpose – protection. And this does not only mean protection of the car from the elements, but with garages also serving as workstations and virtual extensions of the house, it also means protection of the inhabitants. Sometimes however, the lack of ventilation in garages makes working inside them very uncomfortable. This is where garage door insulations come in. Installing them can make conditions more pleasant, especially in the summer months.

To install these protective enhancements, one can usually purchase a garage door insulation kit. These are available in sizes that fit a particular garage door type, and the included materials should make installation easy. One good choice of kit is the Owens Corning Insulation Kit. It contains enough materials for a standard 9-foot garage door, including R-8 vinyl insulation panels, fasteners and adhesives, and requires no other specialized equipment to install.

Another choice is the Fiberglass Insulation Kit by Texas Garages. Unlike the above, it contains enough insulation material for a 16-foot garage door. It also features a recycled fiberglass material that is flame retardant and free of formaldehyde. But like the above, it also has the necessary adhesive materials and other tools for installation.

Then there is North Shore’s Insulation Kit. They have several kits available for installation on an 8, 9, or 10-foot garage door. The insulation is easier to clean and install than other kits, and is contained in 2” x 10’ roll, and also comes with its own adhesives and disposable knife for trimming.

Having garage door insulation offers both convenience and savings in the long run, especially during winter, as heat loss is also minimized, thereby keeping more warmth inside the house. This translates to less heating power and reduced electric bills. And the added heat-resistance might reduce or avoid corrugated roofing sheets costs too.

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