Common Problems That Electrical Contractors Encounter

Mickey | Home Improvement | Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Electrical professionals, such as an Atlanta electrical contractor or even small-time electricians in Boston, MA, are hired to provide electrical maintenance and repair services. Electricians have come up with the top three common problems where their expertise and skille are usually needed. The most common cause of these problems will be discussed in this article. On this regard, here’s the top three electrical issues and some basic information you should know about them.

The most common problem is having no power coming out from an electrical socket. This often occurs in wall sockets. There are many reasons for this to happen but the most common cause is a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. It could also be caused by a loose wire, the wire that connects the socket to your home’s main switch. The electrician can figure out the cause by checking your main circuit breaker to see if there are any blown fuse, or by checking the socket for power voltage level.

Another common issue is detecting a weird fish smell coming out of your switch or socket. This happens when the electrical device’s connection to the circuit has been damaged, causing the electricity to jump (called arcing) through the air. This jumping electricity can zap anything in its path and burns it, thus the fishy smell. This is dangerous as it can cause fires, so have an electrician repair it immediately.

The third most common issue is the flickering lights. This can be linked to a lot of different issues. If you notice your light bulb not turning on or off when the switch is flipped or noticing a buzzing sound when the lights are on could indicate that you are using bulbs of the wrong wattage. You need to check the correct wattage needed for your lighting fixture and install the correct bulb to fix this problem. In some cases, the problem occurs because these is a lose connection between the bulb and the switch. The best and easiest solution for this problem is to replace the current bulb and use one that has wattage that’s appropriate for your fixture.

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