Clip on Earrings for Kids Are A Great Accessories

Mickey | Jewelry | Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Not too long ago it was unseemly for a child under about 12 years old to have pierced ears. There were actually reasons for this other than society’s mores. Children under 12 actively engage in a great deal more physical play than older children and a dangling earring can cause severe injury. One single unintentional yank during play and a beautiful child can easily lose an ear. Everyone wants their children to look pretty but at the same time they also want their children to be safe. This is a problem that most people do not even anticipate this problem, which is why we see babies with pierced ears.

You do not have to risk your child with pierced ears however. There are clip on earrings for kids and some of these designs are very fashionable. Of course clip on earrings have been around for many years but it has only been recently that they have been made especially for children of all ages. In the past, if you wanted your child to wear clip on earrings they either had to be adult sized or some plastic and pastel creation that looked better in a Disney movie. There was no such thing as a fashionable child´s clip on earring. While cartoon earrings are still available you can now buy clip on earrings for kids in hoops, studs or pendant drop earrings. You can find them adorned with precious stones, or faux stones, pearls, crystals or even plastic beads. The mountings can be platinum, gold, white gold, silver or even titanium and be any design you wish.

The great thing about these new earrings is that the clips are both magnetic and spring loaded so your child cannot lose it so easily. The best place to find these earrings is online. The internet will get you the best selection at the best price and shipping domestically is usually free of charge.

Pearls Rings is a site that offers information on all sorts of jewelry accessories for both kids and adults, and is well worth a visit if you are looking to go shopping.

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