Cleaning Window Blinds In Your Home

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Monday, November 22nd, 2010

There are many different types of blinds on the market and most homeowners have little difficulty finding a type to suit their budget and their taste.  Blind types range from pinoleum blinds which have a very natural look to such specific blinds as white wood Venetian blinds, which will look well in locations where pristine cleanliness is expected.

Blinds are easier to clean than either curtains or drapes in your home.  Most homeowners will have to send curtains or drapes to be cleaned professionally and this can be time consuming and expensive.  Window blinds, and especially ‘hard’ window blinds made from timber or aluminium are easy to wipe down with a damp cloth and to leave open until they are dry.

It does help to clean blinds regularly however as if you leave dirt and grime build up and become engrained you will have to rub a lot harder in order to remove the dirt and you could risk damaging the blinds in the process.  Little and often is the approach to take with regard to cleaning blinds.

If you do have a blind that has an accumulation of dirt and dust it is often wise to give it an initial clean with a vacuum cleaner.  Most vacuum systems have accessories, which include fittings for cleaning blinds and you can tackle the initial dirt with one of these.  After a lot of the dust has been removed you can than gently finish off the cleaning process with a damp cloth.  It is always wise to leave blinds completely open while they are drying as it speeds up the drying process and also means that damp mould will not form on the blinds.

Whatever blinds you choose for your home you can be sure that they will be neater in your home than curtains or drapes and so will give you better views from your home when the blinds are in an open position.  Given that they are also easier to clean than either curtains or drapes means that they remain a firm favourite with homeowners that want a window dressing choice without too much maintenance.

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