Cleaning Tips for Peerless Faucets

Mickey | Home Improvement | Friday, November 19th, 2010

Peerless Faucets


Faucets by Peerless need regular cleaning to ensure they function optimally. Doing so will preserve their beautiful finish as well. Here are some helpful tips that you can employ on a regular basis.

Aerator Cleaning

The aerator is an essential part of a faucet. It is the tiny circular contraption fitted with very fine steel mesh found at the tip of the faucet head or sprayer. The aerator serves to distribute water into tinier droplets so as to conserve water. It also helps lessen splashing, and ultimately, messing up the kitchen or bathroom floor. Mineral deposits could build up on the inside of the aerator since water regularly passes through it. The accumulation can cause problems and result in much slower water flow. To deal with this, simply unscrew the aerator setup from the faucet head. Put all the aerator parts into a container and soak it completely in white distilled vinegar. Leave it there overnight to soften the deposits. Rinse with running water afterwards to fully remove the debris.

Keeping Finish in Good Condition

Faucet finish can be ruined and may cause your faucet assembly to look unattractive and even dirty. To avoid this from happening, always keep the faucet surface dry after every use. Leaving blots of water will inevitably result in the formation of ugly water spots. Worse, mineral deposits could accumulate and cause the finish to feel rough and looking dried out. Leave a sheet of non-abrasive cloth near the sink and inform every family member to wipe the faucet assembly dry with this.

Use of acidic cleaning agents can greatly affect the finish of all types of faucets, may these be Peerless or other brands such as Jado faucets. Minimize use of drain cleaners and bleach. But if you must, make sure none of these get onto the faucet finish. Even safer cleaning agents such as vinegar have to be used properly to avoid this problem. If you can’t help but clean the faucet assembly with these cleaners, then ensure thorough rinsing of the faucet.

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