Choosing Your Shades: A Key Part Of Interior Design

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Monday, November 29th, 2010

One very important, yet often overlooked element of your home’s interior design are the window shades. Coming in every style, color, and use one can imagine, the correct window shades can soften a harsh light, add figurative (and literal) warmth to a cold room, and even improve your sleep by allowing you to control just when certain rooms will be light and when they will be dark.

One kind of shade that is very good for this is the room darkening cellular shades. ‘Honeycomb Shades’ as they are often called, are a type of shade that utilizes two or more sheets of pleated, light-filtering fabric. They are available in both single and double cell style, with the double cell style being more useful for energy conservation and insulation. Additionally, these shades are also useful for media rooms (particularly those that utilize a projector), and/or nurseries as well.

Much like the cellular shades, depending on the weave, fabric roller window shades can also be used to darken a room, but conversely with a lighter weave, they can be used as solar shades to block UV, reduce glare and protect furniture, while still allowing for views of the outdoors to be seen.

For those living in colder places, and/or looking for something offering strong insulation properties, insulated roman shades may be the best way to go. These shades are also made of fabric, but are constructed of three layers of different material to block out the cold and hold in the heat. The first layer consists of the fabric face decorating layer, the second, a cotton interlining, and the third, a cotton decorator lining. The use of cotton instead of polyester makes these shades a superior insulator as long as they are closed, and allowed to hang freely.

Overall, there are a myriad of shade styles available that all work for a wide range of functions. While designing the interior of your home, or replacing and upgrading elements as they wear out, one should never forget about the importance of choosing the best shades. Not just for looks or atmosphere, but also for protection from the elements as well.

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