Choosing your Gaming Headphones for Ultimate Gaming

Mickey | Electronics | Monday, December 6th, 2010

You are about ready to start your Saturday night bout of computer games.  You log-in to the game as you reach for your headphones and start sticking it in your ear. Wait! Hold on a minute! Did we just mention that you are about to stick it in your ear? We are talking about gaming headphones here, right? Not just your ordinary, off-the-shelf micro USB headphones.  It is about gaming headphones.  Sticking it up in your ear does not really spell comfort, does it?

Have you really considered the amount of time you actually spend while playing computer games?  Let us put on a weekly average.  One hour?  No!  Two hours?  Not really.  Three hours?  It is starting to get warmer.  Four?  Now you’re talking.  Four hours or more is being more truthful about it.   So, can you imagine having something stuck in your ears for that long?

What we are getting at is the comfort other types of headphones can give you, other than using the in-ear type of headphone which we hopefully had graphically described above.  Take for example, an on-ear type.

The on-ear type comfortably sits right on top of your ear, just enough to cover your ear lobe.  Nothing foreign is stuck in your ear for the duration of your battle with the druids or the drones.  There is a drawback to the on-ear type as some of the game sounds tend to escape and leak out since there is nothing to block it from escaping.

In answer to this situation, there is the over-ear type of headphones.  We normally see this being used by club DJs as they spin all the great dance tracks.  This kind of headphone provides coverage for the whole ear and thus blocks the noise from the outside and prevents the escape of the sound games.

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