Choosing A Yamaha Flute

Mickey | Music | Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Yamaha flutes are popular with musicians everywhere. Designs by Yamaha Are based on inventions made in 1832 and 1847 by a Bavarian flute virtuoso and goldsmith named Theobald Boehm. Flutes as we know them today Are the results Of innovations Made it through out the 20th century.

Yamaha makes flutes for everyone from beginner through professional. No matter what level flautist you are, you can be sure that every flute from Yamaha is superbly crafted from the finest materials available. The least expensive models, which are designed for students use inexpensive metals, most commonly a blend of copper and nickel which provides a mellow tone. Intermediate range flutes are often silver plated, while flutes for professionals are usually made from a blend of silver and gold. Flutes of platinum are also available. Not only are precious metals beautiful, they improve the tone of the notes which come from the flute.

If you are a beginning flautist, or if you are looking to replace your old flute with a better one, a good quality flute can help you to improve your playing style. While it may be tempting to purchase an inexpensive flute, poorly made flutes can actually hamper your progress as a player. A cheaply produced flute can be difficult to play and will often be heavier to hold. In addition, you will find that the keys have a tendency to stick and that the flute will often be out of tune.

Although Yamaha flutes are more expensive then some other brands they deliver superior tone and allow musical artists to play beautiful, colorful notes. When shopping for a new flute, take an experienced player with you to test the flutes you are considering buying. He or she can help you choose the right flute for your playing level. Choosing a quality flute from Yamaha can help you make the most of your musical talent.

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