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Mickey | Home Improvement | Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Checking the solar pool heating reviews, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is ecstatic about solar heating.  Hvac reviews have them listed as the most cost effective, environmentally friendly, maintenance free, and heating effective mechanisms out there for heating your pool.  This is actually very true, but it does depend on several things.

Unlike other models which are basically ‘turn them on when you need them, turn them off when you don’t’, solar models are on at all times to collect and send the heat to your pool, so its warm all the time at no added cost. That is a very good thing, because you don’t have to wait for the pool to warm up when you want it, you can just jump right in. They don’t work at night, but can often warm the pool up enough during the day that the pool temperature is fine at night.

The thing to keep in mind, however is where you plant your solar panels.  A badly planted solar panel will be useless. If your entire house is in the shade of trees, a solar panel will do very little good because not enough heat reaches it to be effective.  That doesn’t mean that if you live somewhere that isn’t always hot, you won’t be able to use it, it just means don’t put your panel in the shade.  If you live in the northern hemisphere, put your solar panel in an unshaded area that faces south and you’ll be fine.

A summer-only collector should be tilted at an angle that is your latitude minus ten to fifteen degrees for maximum effectiveness. If you’re going to be using it all year round, tilt it at an angle equal to your latitude.  Mounting them only at the angle of the roof won’t reduce their efficiency too badly, but if you are building a rack to support them, keep those angles in mind. A panel that is perfectly oriented and is in the shade under a tree for half the day is far less efficient than a panel that is flat and in the sun all day.

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