Cheap Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Mickey | General | Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Cheap tall wedding centerpieces can be absolutely stunning, breathtaking even.  They definitely have the “Wow” factor when your guests walk into the room and your guests will never know that you had a limited budget.  Your creative genius and talent will be readily complimented.

There are many simple choices when choosing your wedding centerpiece.  If you want it tall, will it be a tall vase?  Or, will it be a simple vase filled with flowered branches, balloons, or fancy feathers such as those of the peacock?  Next, do you want to mix and match the vases and fillers or do you want them all the same.  You cannot make a mistake.  It is art and there are no mistakes in art.

Glass vases are very inexpensive and can be found at discount department stores, large craft stores, and from online retailers or popular auction houses.  If you want to add pizzazz, you can spray the glass with spray paint in the color of your choice.  Popular colors are silver, gold, and white.  You could also spray them to match the color of your bridesmaids’ gowns.  You could easily tape a stencil to each vase with the initial of your new last name.

Vases could be filled with sea shells, pebbles, colored stones, or fruit such as lemons or oranges.  If it is the appropriate season, you can use beach grasses and sea shells for virtually no cost at all.  If you would like, you can accent with one or three flowers from a florist.  Always work in odd numbers.  It is attractive and natural.  Silk flowers and faux feathers are available year round no matter where you live.

Spray painted small tree branches are beautiful in the winter.  A sparkly white or silver would be lovely.  Accent with red flowers for a stunning display.  Balloons are also a year round popular choice for cheap tall wedding centerpieces.  You can buy or rent a helium canister and blow up your own balloons in any color and size you desire.  Accent with ribbons of the color of your choice.  Pick a decorative piece to weigh the balloons down and keep them on each table.

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