Cheap Bankruptcy Options Available

Mickey | Financial Services,General | Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Cheap bankruptcy options are fast becoming a popular choice amongst people faced with bankruptcy. The cost of filing has forced people to look for cheap bankruptcy filing alternatives that eliminate the need to pay high Attorney fees.

Look for an affordable bankruptcy lawyer when claiming bankruptcy and don’t not allow your thoughts to be swayed by the incorrect misconception that bankruptcy proceedings never come cheap. After all, you are broke already. An understanding lawyer will carry out both Chapter 13 and 7 bankruptcies at rates lower than $500. Normally cheap lawyers are available from state legal departments for free or at a very low cost. This is in line with governmental recommendations aimed at easing the financial burdens of those of society who are in massive debt.

Explain your financial situation clearly. A number of attorneys might be misled by the misunderstanding that you have a few valuable assets somewhere, regardless of your indebtedness. They will therefore try to siphon you of a portion of your remaining estate with no mercy or pardon. Rather than trying to maintain an aura of financial confidence, be honest enough to expose your financial position, as embarrassing as it might seem. This will result in you being charged a fee lower than the standard rates.

Do it yourself. In as much as this might appear time consuming and complicatedly knotty, it isn’t. With good research you can find out what you need to include for your file so that you can do it yourself. In addition to including information and income and expenses, new laws issued in 2005 have necessitated the addition of an Attorney’s signature of reasonable inspection, one you can get at no real cost. It is also now required that you give evidence of having consulted with an approved credit counseling agency.

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