Change Your Bathroom With Walk In Showers

Mickey | Home Improvement | Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Showers can be a welcome replacement to a hot bath but a large amount of people are either old or physically limited which prevent them from obtaining proper hygiene. They have to endure the difficulty of stepping into the bathtub in order to take a shower. This is a real pain for the huge number of old and disabled persons across the country. By installing walk in showers you can provide a sense of safety and luxury to your loved ones and regain control of your bathroom.

Walk in showers come in a variety of styles to suit your budget as well as your sense of style. Safety features such as handrails, slip resistant floors and benches are also available for those with special physical needs. This will make showers a relaxing experience even for those who fear falls and slips. Showers without bathtubs are a blessing for those who are wheelchair bound because it gives them the privacy that was long neglected due to their physical limitations.

The prices for the walk in showers vary between $1,200 and $4,000 depending on the material and features of the shower. The property value of a home also increases with the installation of such showers and this can be considered as an added bonus to the investment. Older homes with such installations sell faster than their bathtub-shower combined counterparts.

A large number of accidents that occur with elderly and physically handicapped persons are slips and falls. Bathrooms are the main place for such falls, and also inflict serious injuries due to the presence of ceramic tiles and porcelain tubs. It is a basic right of every person to be safe in their own bathroom. It should not be considered as a privilege. The best way to protect your loved ones is by installing walk in shower enclosures. This gives them the ability to care for themselves in a safe manner.

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