Change To A Credit Card Wallet

Mickey | General | Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The days where we make our purchases with cash are leaving us for a world of plastic as more and more people handle their finances online or in another electronic fashion. Credit cards and debit cards are appearing more and more often in peoples wallets and purses and the amount of folding money being used is decreasing all the time. For women who carry purses and handbags this isn’t too much of a problem, but for men it is a slightly different story. One card is the same thickness as a number of bills, so if a man carries a number of credit cards, membership cards, their drivers license and so on all in his wallet in his back pocket then it will be thick enough to cause discomfort.

For these reasons credit card wallets were introduced. Instead of having one or two large sections to carry folding money in them and only four or five spaces for cards, these wallets have only a small space for cash and a much larger area dedicated to credit and other cards. Just like a regular wallet a credit card wallet comes in two main styles, both of which work well. Bi-fold wallets are very simple, these were the first credit card wallets that became available. A tri-fold wallet is a much bigger wallet. There are even card wallets out there for women, these are designed to look like a clutch purse rather than a normal wallet. These ladies wallets have some added storage spaces as well. This extra storage space makes these wallets very popular for busy women who are always on the move.

There is a massive selection of wallets on the internet, you will even find handmade leather wallets on some sites that cost the same as the normal wallets you get in local clothing stores and department stores.

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