Ceramic Towel Bars

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Thursday, December 16th, 2010

The use of a separate room in the home for bathing is really a relatively new phenomenon. In the United States for example indoor plumbing in most homes in only about a century old. The fact is now however that while bathrooms may be the smallest room in the house it is also the only room in the home that not only everyone who lives there uses but all of your guests will use them also. This means that dressing up your bathroom is just as, if not more, important than dressing up say your bedroom. Only you will see your bedroom but everyone will see the bathrooms.

One of the most important features in a bathroom is the towel bars. When you use a towel to dry off it will be damp or even wet. If, when you hang it up, it is bunched because the towel bars your are using does not fit the towels you will end up with a mildew smell in the bathroom overtime and this is a hard smell to get rid of. When you are choosing your towel bars you will want to take very good care to choose not only the correct sized bars and towel bars that match your décor, you will want to choose the one that is the safest, easiest to clean and will last the longest.

Ceramic towel bars usually fit all of these requirements. They are made to match most decors and the ceramic material is very hard to break. If you install a metal bar it will begin to corrode from the damp atmosphere. Wood, even treated, stained and sealed, will absorb water and start to weaken. Finally glass towel bars are not as strong as they should be and installing them in a house with small children can be dangerous.

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