How to Host a Conference Call

Mickey | Technology | Friday, February 4th, 2011

Businesses can save a lot of money by holding conference calls instead of traditional conferences. In a traditional conference, the participant needs to pay, for example, flight fees, hotel fees, business dinner fees and several other fees. All these expenses are deducted from the revenues of your business. A conference call is a one-time fee; moreover, the fees here can be accurately estimated. Conference call services charge differently. Some take the number of participants into account whereas others are concerned more about the duration of the call.

In general, it is preferable to outsource the technical aspect of the call to a service or business that specializes in them. This will ensure that there will be no technical problem or connection interruption during the call; you will also be exempted from taking care of the conference call hosting. A conference call service provider takes care of the hardware stuff, connections, and the hosting of the call.

If your business engages in conference calls on a regular basis, you may want to get a firm grasp of all the different aspects involved in conducting such calls. First things first, you should start by devising a detailed and exhaustive plan which should ideally cover all the different tasks that need to be accomplished for running a successful call. Then, you should determine the time of holding the call but remember to take into account the local time of your participants. Send invitations to your participants to inform them about the call.

Inside the invitation, you may include the login details that will enable the participants to access the call. You should also send a phone number that they can contact in case they have any problems logging in. it would be very helpful to dispatch to the participants an agenda which sums up the different points that will be dealt with in the conference call. If you want your call to be successful, treat it as you would treat a real conference. You have many conference call solutions to choose from, so choose carefully.

How it is Possible To Recover Deleted Files

Mickey | Technology | Monday, December 27th, 2010

I have heard the question “How do I recover a file that has been permanently deleted?” asked many times before. Most people think that once you delete a file, you can’t get it back, that it’s gone forever. Well I’m here to tell you that they are not gone forever, you can recover deleted files. It is even possible to do it when they have been deleted from the recycle bin. Today, in this article I will explain how file can bypass the recycle bin, what happens to them when they bypass the recycle bin and show you some programs to recover deleted files

Some times files can bypass the recycle bin. Some of the ways that this could happen is by:

  • SHIFT could have been held down while the file was being deleted
  • The file could have been located on a network drive
  • The file could have been located on some kind of removable media
  • The file could have been lost in some kind of file conversion. If this was a digital to analogue conversion (an example of this type of conversion could be VHS to DVD)than you can not use this method to recover those files.
  • The file could have been deleted via command prompt

If a file is deleted in any of these ways, the file will not be sent to the recycle bin and your computer will say that it is permanently deleted.

Here is the secret to all of this, when a file is deleted, it is not actually deleted. I will say that again, when a file is deleted, it is not actually deleted. I will explain. When the file is deleted, the space that it takes up is merely marked as empty space allowing other files to over write it.

Some programs to recover deleted files are:

  • Recover My Files
  • EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • FileRestorePlus
  • PC INSPECTOR File Recovery
  • Recover Deleted Files 3

Sprints Usefull Phone Tracker Service

Mickey | Technology | Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

There are hundreds of reasons why many people decide to use cell phone tracker applications in their cell phone.  If you want to learn how to locate a cell phone, you might want to use it after reading this article. Here, I will also teach you how to track a cell phone using the Sprint cell phone tracker.

The emergence of modern cell phones with attached GPS receiver chips are primarily the reason why cell phone tracking applications are made. In the past, 911 telephone operators experienced handling callers that cannot describe the exact location where. With the introduction of GPS technology to cell phones solved this problem. A new system is being implemented called the enhanced 911 where a caller will just use the GPS feature of his phone and the telephone operator can track his current location by using the system.

The Sprint Family Locator is a cool application for tracking cell phone devices. It is very different from other free cell phone tracking applications and offer more quality features. Even though this application is not free, you can have it at a very low price of $5.00 a month. One feature of the Sprint called “Automatic Location Checks” has the ability to automatically track the location of the members in your cell phone tracking network. This feature allows you to receive text messages in your cell phone at a particular time. When you enable this feature, you will be able to receive a text message containing the current location of the people in your tracking list on the time that you programmed the application to send you the message.

If you are one of our customers, you have to try this good feature of the application. If you are not using this application, you should have to try this one and it is great from monitoring the current location of your family members especially your kids.

Newsletter Design Software

Mickey | Technology | Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Building a newsletter goes through several steps. Each step involves doing some different sort of tasks. Eventually, you will reach the stage where you need to create a design for your newsletter. In order to do so, you need to use some special software programs. The newsletter design software that you are going to use depends on the format in which your newsletter is published.

A text newsletter is designed using a text editor. It is quite easy to create. No special skills are required to create a newsletter in a text format. Moreover, you can download a text editor online for free. There are plenty of free editors on the Web. If you run Windows on your PC, you already have an editor. Notepad is a text editor which comes free on all Windows versions.

Designing HTML newsletters requires a different set of software programs. Here, you will need to make use of an HTML editor. Nvu and KompoZer appear to be the best free editors for creating professional HTML designs. You can download them from their respective websites. Another excellent editor is Dreamweaver which is a product of Adobe. It has much more customization and editing options and features. It is not free though. It also comes with some readymade basic templates that you can use as a basis for creating your custom templates.

In order to use an HTML editor, you need to learn how it is used. This may take you a bit of time. After all, the learning curve is far shorter than learning how to use HTML. You can find plenty of text and video tutorials online. Going through them can help you master your editor at a faster pace.

It is possible to publish your newsletter in a PDF format. This will require you to create a PDF newsletter design. To do so, you can use a word processor such as Microsoft Word. First, create your newsletter in Word and afterwards, you can convert it using a Word to PDF converter such as PrimoPDF. In the end, you will have a PDF newsletter. These same programs can be used to create a newsletter design for the relevant format.

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