5 Twitter Tools Every MLMer Needs

Editor | Social Media Networks | Monday, November 9th, 2009

You probably already know that Twitter by itself is a great site, but did you know that it’s even better when you start using some of the extra Twitter tools built by some amazing people? Of course some of those tools you’ll have to pay for and some may very well be useless, but there are some that are very much free and even clever!

You can find tools for “tweeting” your blog posts, automating messages, automatically following people, tweeting photos and videos, tweeting specific locations, posting news, giving stats, researching people, searching tweets, almost anything you can think of you can probably find!


8 Ways Twitter Can Help Build Your Business

Editor | MLM Training Tips,Social Media Networks | Friday, November 6th, 2009

You Get Free Traffic – While it’s true that you don’t want to overdo promotional work, you can easily link people to your latest blog posts and articles. Plus, you don’t need to pay for visitors from Twitter.

A Lot of Actions Can Be Automated – Of course you already know that Twitter is great, but did you know that it’s also a brilliant marketing tool to automate? You can easily schedule future tweets using sites like SocialOomph.com, you can auto-reply to people, and automatically feed your blog posts onto Twitter.


Your Ideal Customers Are on Twitter

Editor | Social Media Networks | Friday, November 6th, 2009

When you’re an MLMer and your business is a success you may find yourself asking, “Who am I around? How much influence do I have on others? If I talk to someone, do they listen? And most importantly, can I really affect change?”

When you’re a business owner it’s important to go where the crowds go. It’s not going to work even having the best product in the world if you’re as silent about it. If you don’t already know, there are literally millions of people on Twitter. So exactly how many of those people do you need to sign up to build a massive team of distributors?


7 Ways to Grab Attention on Twitter

Editor | How to Brand Yourself,Social Media Networks | Thursday, November 5th, 2009

One of the most important things for any business is attention. Without it your business will undoubtedly fail.

Attention is without a doubt the most essential ingredient for the success of any business. If you’re able to catch the attention of others and keep it, then you can apply yourself to ANYTHING and still make money. Once you’ve learned what it takes to earn attention, you’ll see your MLM profits rise. Of course they wouldn’t call it PAYING attention if you didn’t have to earn it.


MLM Recruiting with Twitter

Editor | How to Brand Yourself,MLM Training Tips,Social Media Networks | Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

When you build an outstanding MLM team and an outstanding Twitter following, they’re really very similar goals. In order to build a large group of people you must find a group who actually think you are worth following. It’s also how popularity is defined on Twitter and how you define success in MLM. It’s also easy to see how popularity on Twitter can lead to success in MLM.

Because MLM recruiting is simply about reaching more of the right person, and Twitter boasts about millions of members, it’s really obvious that using their service is no longer something you can just ignore. Twitter is very popular and the growth rate is so powerful that there’s no doubt it’s here to stay.


Who Is Making Money on Social Networking

Editor | Social Media Networks | Friday, July 24th, 2009

Seth Godin gives  you the real bottom line on the social networking sites that are so popular right now. Sure, they’re fun and great time-wasters, but are they valuable to your business?

No, says Seth Godin, who is unarguably the one of, if not THE, greatest marketing minds on planet Earth.

In most social networking mediums, like Twitter for instance, everyone is pitching their deals or trying to “build their brand”, and no one is listening. Everyone is talking and no one is listening.

In my opinion, the best way to make money from the social networking craze is to sell information products on how to make money from the social networking craze.

Just like so many “get rich” gurus sell information products on “how to get rich doing _____”, when the real way to get rich is to sell the “how to get rich” book.

So, if you know how to get a hundred thousand followers on Twitter, you can make money telling people how to get a hundred thousand followers on Twitter, but that’s about it. Don’t delude yourself into thinking all of those followers have any interest in your or your product (unless it’s an info product on how to get and get rich from a hundred thousand followers.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the the social networks have no value at all. They can be great communication systems and tools.

But, your “followers” need to be real, people who are really interested in what you have to say, not just people who “follow you if you follow me”.

The number of followers you have is not where the value is (unless you’re selling the ‘how to get a million followers’ ebook or course.) The value is in the relationship you have with your followers.

Question:  So, what’s the bottom line? Who’s really making money on social networking?

Answer: Information Marketers.

Social Media Websites and How to Turn Them into MLM Tools

Editor | How to Brand Yourself,Social Media Networks | Friday, July 17th, 2009

MLM success has a lot to do with how visible you are and how you’re viewed – what kind of reputation you have. Social media websites are some of the best tools for brand building and gaining the kind of reputation you want and need as a respected Internet marketer.

With the MLM Traffic Formula 2.0, you can learn how to leverage the social media websites to reach a much larger share of the market and position yourself as a sought-after expert – a “guru,” if you will.

This is important. Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others are instrumental for branding yourself and attracting traffic to your websites. The thing is that you have to know how to use them correctly, because if you use them incorrectly, you run the risk of pushing people away from you.

Using social media websites involves developing relationships and promoting an image of yourself as a savvy marketer who truly wants to help others reach a high level of success in their own marketing endeavors. In the process, you can’t come off as a spammer or other type of major pest, and you certainly can’t give the impression that your main goal is to make money off of others.

Everyone knows that we’re all in business to find financial freedom, but there’s a right way and wrong way to convey this to others. Social media websites can be used to do this the right way, and when they are, according to the MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 program’s blueprint, you’ll find that they become excellent MLM tools.

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Review

Editor | MLM Marketing Product Reviews,SEO,Social Media Networks | Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Multi-level marketing is a field where the best excel and the mediocre stagnate or just fade away. You can’t afford to not have the strongest understanding possible of what it takes to master the process of generating traffic and leads online when your whole business depends on attracting a downline.

The trouble is that it’s hard to know which MLM program you should be using – which one is going to give you the knowledge you need to help turn you into one of the best of the best.

I’m going to present a review to you that I believe will help you immensely.  The MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 is a program that I’ve deemed worthy of much notoriety and I think it’s a winner.


InterLink Your Squidoo Lenses and Other Web 2.0 Pages

Editor | How to Sell Your Products,Social Media Networks | Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Here’s more on How To Sell Products on Your Squidoo Lenses.

To build your Internet real estate empire even larger and more productive, add more Squidoo lenses, or other Web 2.0 content sharing sites, to your portfolio of web properties and link them all together.

Continuing with our example of marketing a natural vitamin supplement called SeaAloe, you might want to write about something like the immune system and how important it is and how Sea Aloe’s ingredients are found to help aid in the prevention of immune deficiencies.

You should also have a text link that leads to another article on the subject, which would have a link to your product sales page, or more specifically to the product sales page where you sell the vitamins and the business opportunity.


Sell Products on Your Squidoo Lenses

Editor | How to Sell Your Products,Social Media Networks | Sunday, July 12th, 2009

It’s probably more than obvious to most that because you’re a distributor for an MLM company that sells a great product, you would make that product available for sale to your prospects and customers as well.

Unfortunately that is always how everyone thinks in the world of online marketing. More often than not, many network marketing focus solely on recruiting and often forget about one of the most important things in market –the product.

So instead of focusing on just the recruiting, why not go all out and create product sales and/or information pages using a Squidoo lens? Say for example you wanted to sell Sea Aloe vitamins with an MLM program. You would do some keyword searches on “vitamins,” “Sea Aloe,” and “natural vitamin.”


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