4 Of The Best Mens Running Shorts

Mickey | Outdoors | Monday, February 28th, 2011

Running is a great activity that you can take part in without membership of a gym and is a good way to lose weight and get healthy. Running is a sport that is popular across age groups and you need very little to get started. You can decide when you want to run, where you want to go and for how long. To get the best out of your performance though, there are essentials that you need to purchase. Running shorts will play a large part in your new activity. These will need to be very comfortable and luckily, there is a large range of mens running shorts for you to choose from.

The type you choose for yourself will depend on several things – your comfort choice, body style, breathability, length and waist for starters. The fabric that you choose is also important. You can choose either loose or tightly fitting running shorts, whichever you feel more comfortable in. Loose shorts tend to be very lightweight and breathable and are a good choice for the summer months. Tightly fitted shorts will be made from Lycra or spandex and are still breathable but will cling to every lump and bump!
It is crucial that you pick the right pair for you so that you don’t experience rubbing or chafing on your run. These are some current styles available today:
Nike Dri-FIT 2” Split Men’s Running Shorts
These are short in length and made for speed. They have superb breathability and are very comfortable. They have an elastic waistband with a drawstring and a vented hem. Made from 100% polyester and are machine washable. 
Nike Distance Split Leg Running Shorts
These are ultra lightweight and designed for distance running. They have an elastic waistband, drawstring, integral briefs and a pocket for storage. The fabric is very breathable and lightweight which will dry quickly after showers.
Adidas RESPONSE Split Running Shorts
These come with a mesh liner and a drawstring waist. They feature the adidas CLIMACOOL technology which controls body temperature as you run. They have a low seam at 1.5” pockets and reflective piping for low visibility. 100% polyester, they can be machine-washed.

Pearl Izumi Phase Running Shorts
These shorts are very unique as they are made from super lightweight PI ripstop material, which is 80% polyester and 20% spandex. They control moisture and have excellent ventilation technology through mesh-lined vents. They have a 4.5” inseam and can be washed. More expensive than the others, but worth it!!
These popular examples are just several available today in the specialist running market place. When you are choosing a pair of shorts or indeed any new item of running gear, always try them on before you buy and try to move as if running in the changing rooms. That way you will be able to tell which shorts may prove uncomfortable.

Camping Chairs Have Many Uses

Mickey | Outdoors | Friday, February 25th, 2011

One of the most essential items people buy during the spring and summer time are camping chairs. They make a great item to have while camping but they can also be used in many other situations. For instance, camp chairs are great to take to the beach. They offer comfort and stability while in the sand that regular lawn chair cannot provide. This is because they are built sturdy and are designed to be placed on various types of ground. They also have compartments to store items plus a cup holder to hold a beverage. All this combines to make them one of the best items to take to the beach.

Another place folding chairs are useful is during a backyard get together. They are less susceptible to damage and turnover. Your guests will be more comfortable and they will feel more secure while seated in them. This means they are safe. It is far better to be firmly seated in a sturdy chair rather than a flimsy aluminum garden chair while at a party. In addition, a high quality camping chair is built to last whereas a cheap lawn chair might last a season or two. They also offer a level of attractiveness that a flimsy outdoor garden chair cannot provide. All of these reasons make camping chairs a perfect addition to any backyard party.

Finally, the kids love them. Moms and dads love them too because the kids cannot easily destroy them like the cheaper outdoor chairs. Usually the kids fold up the camp chairs and bring them into their room when they have company. They also like to use them around the pool during a backyard bash. They are water waterproof proof and do not slide on a wet surface. This makes them safer then ordinary outdoor folding chairs.

Why Get a Beach Tent

Mickey | Outdoors | Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Just like you will need a good set of pop up tents if you are camping in the woods, you will need a good beach tent if you intend to spend a day by the seaside.

Going to the beach with your loved ones, children, friends and family members gives everyone a good chance to hang out and interact with each other. While it is a great place to spend a lot of great time at, the beach usually poses a great problem for all beach goers. The major problem is obviously the harmful sun rays.

The harsh sun rays can have great damaging effects on your health. Obviously, you can get burned if you stay under the big hot sun for an extended period of time. Overexposures to the harmful UV rays also cause the development of skin cancer. Other than that, the sun rays also cause the skin to deteriorate and age a lot faster than it normally would. The easiest way to counter and deal with this problem is by using a good sun block.

For a more complete protection, a beach tent can prove to be very helpful and useful. It provides a great shelter that protects your loved ones from the damaging effects of the sun. It is easy to set up and has wonderful colors that can lighten up the atmosphere. Lastly, a solid beach tent helps protect you and your friends against strong wind as well as insects and bugs that can ruin the day.

You should buy a tent intended for use by the seaside if you enjoy going to the beach. Buying is a very simple process since these tents are available at major stores and malls. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. The more important element is the strength and the materials of the tent. Is the tent strong and solid? Is it weather-proof? These are the things that you should check when you are deciding on the best tent to buy.

All in all, the beach tent is a very useful protection item against the blazing sun, strong guzzling wind, and problematic insects. Buying one makes a great investment especially if you are a beach lover.

Different Caravans For Caravan Holidays

Mickey | Outdoors | Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Pop-top caravan is as normal, except the top is folded. This makes it easier to tow them, the lower profile means less resistance and therefore consume less fuel. They are deficient in overhead cupboard space though and require slightly more maintenance. There are on as well as off road models that are available for the caravan holidays. Camper Trailer units are available in various models of accommodation and can vary from just a couple to large family units and a set-up. They are very convenient for cheap holidays. When collapsed, each model is ideal for small, easy-to-tow units. Two four-wheel drive configurations are available. Some units are equipped with beds and many of them camping in the kitchen.

Camper-trailers are the specially designed vans you observe driving just about town all day, before undergoing extensive fit-out, which they are converted into a camper. Sizes vary from tiny models appropriate for couples up to larger units with good facilities, such as, in some cases, shower and toilet. They are easy to drive and often double as a family car.  Motorhomes are all-in-one vehicles almost always built on the loading platform. They vary in size from 5 m to 12 m for the smaller units, which have many features of the RV, can be run on a normal car license. Larger units, some of which are extraordinarily equipped with luxurious furnishings, a car requires driving and easier for cheap holidays.

Many owners of large motor homes, to solve this problem when towing a trailer full of small vehicles usually carry bicycles. Campers Slide-on-top or tray units are ideal for people who want convenience. You can simply connect to the vehicle, as needed. They are well-liked with off-road enthusiasts, as well as travelers who desire to be capable to tow a boat or other trailer. They are easy to use during caravan holidays.

Designed for Mariners Bimimi Tops for Boats

Mickey | Outdoors | Friday, January 28th, 2011

Bimimi Tops for Boats


Over time, the strong beams in direct sunlight can damage a boats deck. By obtaining and using one of the Bimini tops for boats, a boating enthusiast can alleviate that problem. There are two types of tops acrylic and vinyl fabric. Each of these coverings comes in a variety of colors four shades of blue, two shades of red and two of green, light and dark gray, yellow, black, tan, brown and white.

In selecting a cover, the boat owner must find one that fits the boats tower. In order to make that determination, that male or female mariner must measure the distance between the points where the hinges will be mounted. That measurement indicates the proper width of the top. The tops ideal length depends on the type of vehicle that is will have to cover. A length of eight to ten feet is generally best for a pontoon or deck boat fishing and ski boats typically need a top that is six feet long.

A careful online search should yield information on a cover that fits onto a tower without use of a drill. An online search should also aid identification of a manufacturer that provides a free storage boot. Those who want a covering with a five year warranty should put Sunbrella in the search engine.

Of course boating enthusiasts want ride over the water with more than a great canopy. They often go online to look for New Boat Accessories. Some of those accessories keep the vehicle safe when it is away from the water. They are covers, which come in dozens of different styles.

Other electrical accessories help the mariner have a more pleasant experience, while on the sea, river or lake. They are items like a GPS Fishfinder, a GMRS radio, a GPS plotter, an Ice Eater or a gadget that provides fumefire detection.

What Is The Purpose Of A Rash Vest Shirt?

Mickey | Outdoors | Friday, January 28th, 2011

Summer vacation time is a time when many families pack up and drive straight to one of the many beaches that line the coasts.  It’s not hard at all to figure out why going to be beach is so popular.  It is a great place to rest, relax, and recuperate from the demands of the workplace.  Many adults, for example, enjoy relaxing and reading a book underneath some shade while children enjoy playing around in the sand and water.  There’s no doubt about it, beach vacations are fun.  If you get too much sun exposure and suffer from a sunburn while on vacation, the beach vacation can also be dangerous.  The wearing of a rash vest while on vacation is a great way to protect your skin from the majority of the sun’s dangerous rays.

When rash vests were originally designed, they were solely intended to be a type of garment that surfers could wear that would keep them from developing rashes while swimming around on their surfboards.  In time, people realized that these garments were ideal for protecting their skin from the dangerous rays of the sun.  Many manufacturers of these garments now make them out of special materials that are resistant to dangerous UV rays.

Although rash vests originated as a protective garment for surfers to make sure they didn’t develop a rash, these garments are now commonly used by many different people for a variety of different purposes.  For example, those who participate in the sport of wrestling use them to prevent their opponents from getting a grip on them.  They are also commonly used by water sports enthusiasts.  These garments are very easy to clean and dry very quickly.

Some people occasionally become confused with rash vests because they resemble other types of garments.  For example, tri suits for women and rash vests for women appear to be one and the same.  They are, however, very different.  The tri suit is a special garment that was designed just for those who want to participate in a triathlon event.  Rash vests are very different and can be used by those who enjoy a wide variety of sports.

The Magnificent Features of the Vango Tempest 200

Mickey | Outdoors | Thursday, January 20th, 2011

The Vango Tempest 200 tent is well loved by many outdoor enthusiasts because it has several great features. The attributes of a product is one of the big reasons why people would buy it. Since this Vango tent has a lot of wonderful features, numerous individuals prefer to purchase it over the others. Do you want to know what these features are? If that is the case, then let us start discussing each of them.

For campers who need to bring a lot of things and items to their camping trip, the Vango Tempest 200 has a solution to that; it has many inner tent pockets that serve as additional storage for these extra items. In addition, this tent is also water-resistant, sturdy and dependable because it is made of Protex 3000 polyester fabric. To give extra waterproof protection, the tent also has taped seams. Aside from that, this Vango tent also has a top vent which is built to remove moisture that is present in the tent. It also has and adjustable tensioning and pegging system. The tent also has an area where you can place your camping light which is called its lighting point.

Furthermore, the Vango Tempest 200 its poles are made up of powerlite alloy which are sturdy, lightweight and adjustable. Its high powered pole sleeves contribute in making the distribution of tension in an equal manner. It also has a groundsheet that is light and water-resistant. This tent also has mesh vents which enable continuous flow of air inside the tent. Other notable features of the tent include; a repair kit, stuff sac with compression straps, part mesh on inner door, pre-attached guy ropes and a tension band system for internal bracing system. All of these features add up to one unique and good quality tent. Vango tents are really one of the best tents on the market today so it would be huge mistake not to buy one.

Sunncamp Tents Are A Good Choice For Campers

Mickey | Outdoors | Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Camping is a fun group activity, which makes it the perfect holiday choice for a group of friends or a large family. There are plenty of beautiful places to camp. Most campgrounds offer rental spaces to tent campers and trailer campers. Camping out in a tent is wonderful for those who are spending a short amount of time camping, or for those who want to get the full camping experience. Sleeping outdoors in a tent can be a great experience, especially if the weather is nice. Unfortunately, the weather does not always cooperate and sudden rainstorms can ruin a camping trip quickly.

There are many cheap tents on the market, but shoppers should pay a bit more money for a solid model that will give them adequate shelter during a rain or windstorm. It may seem like someone is getting a great deal by purchasing a cheap tent, but it will not seem so great when they are forced to leave the campsite and head home because their tent is flooded. Campers are much better off purchasing a high quality waterproof tent that will provide them with a comfortable sleeping experience. Campers should figure out how much indoor tent space they need to store all of their clothing, personal items and camping supplies. Inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and other sleeping equipment also take up quite a bit of tent room. Generally campers should select a slightly larger tent than the recommended size. For example, three campers and their supplies will fit perfectly into a 4 man tent. A 3 man tent offers enough room for three individuals provided they do not have any clothing, shoes or other items in the tent with them. Since most people need a bit of extra room they are better off choosing a larger size.

Sunncamp tents are a popular UK brand because they are created from high quality materials that provide plenty of protection for campers. They are designed to protect campers from the elements, keeping them warm and dry during storms. The Sunncamp 6 man tent provides adequate room for most families, but some campers prefer tents that offer several separate rooms. Multi-room tents are extremely comfortable for large families, but they are also quite expensive. Those with larger budgets may want to consider the luxurious Sunncamp trailer tents which provide campers with the ultimate convenience and comfort while they are away from home.

Proper Storage of Bike Equipment

Mickey | Outdoors | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

I ride my bike a lot, almost every day, even in the winter. And because I ride it so often, I’ve gotten very good at the preparing to ride. I can get my gear on, throw my helmet on my head, and be on the road in just a few minutes. This optimizing is necessary for something you do as often as I ride, and takes time to pick up. But here are a couple ways I have been able to make my preparation go a little faster.

You want to keep the gear somewhere that is convenient for you to get on, and safe enough that you don’t have to worry about it when you’re not around. To that end, one thing I’ve done in the past that works well is setting up some mudroom lockers by the back door, so I can grab my gear and head out, practically while still walking. Mudroom lockers are also very convenient for any kind of outdoor gear, from jackets to towels, so they’re just good things to have on hand.

Another thing that has worked well for me is to set up a bike storage shed in the back, and just keep both the bike and the equipment in it. Bike sheds are very strong and secure things, so it shouldn’t cause any problems safety wise, and bike gear can easily be kept outside in all months except perhaps the winter (when I keep everything in the house itself to keep them protected).

The goal really, is to have your equipment ready to go and in a place where they won’t fall apart or get damaged by other people, or the elements. Both of these methods work very well (my winter precaution is not necessary if you don’t have room inside). Overall they make riding much more pleasant.

Choosing 2011 Polaris RZR S Doors

Mickey | Outdoors | Monday, December 27th, 2010

2011 Polaris RZR S Doors are available in many different styles and colors. Giving your ATV that look that will stun and still hold up against any conditions you may encounter. The RZR S doors are designed for easy attachment and for outstanding durability. The 2011 Polaris RZR S doors were made for either competitor or recreational rider in mind, giving many benefits towards both riders.

The door frames are made with one inch high strength steel for durability while it is powder coated to match any RZR frame. All of the doors are computerized CNC bent for precision. There’s no need to call a mechanic doors can come completely assembled, you just have to take out of the box and than follow the easy directions. These RZR S doors have a lock/latch sprung system, so it’s like opening a car door.

You are able to apply any door skins that you desire to flare up the style of your new RZR. Most door skins that are manufactured are made of high impact polyurethane that will keep it safe from any dents of dings.

These doors do not rattle at all and hold solidly in any environment you may be cruising in. They have been proven to stand up with hours and hours of field tests. They are very lightweight and completely bolt on, meaning you do not need to cut or weld at all. Meaning you can sell your RZR for a new one but keep the doors you purchased. The average time it should take to assemble is around one hour giving you the ability to get out there riding faster than any other door system. When purchasing you should be sold everything you will need to install. The 2011 Polaris RZR S doors will complete your RZR making it a smoother and more stylish ATV than before.

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