A few facts about aquamarine jewelry

Mickey | Jewelry | Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Not everyone is aware that emerald and aquamarine come from the same mineral.  When beryl is of gem like quality, green and very clear, it will contain chromium and be called emerald.  If it is blue or blue/green it will contain iron and be called aquamarine.  Most  of the aquamarine you see around is light blue, darker blue aquamarine is rarer and therefore more expensive.  It was believed that aquamarine could heal eye disease and improve concentration especially in students and also had a variety of talismanic properties.   According the modern chart used by most jewellers, it is the birthstone for people born in March a birthstone necklace would be a wonderful birthday present. Aquamarine is also the gemstone that should be given for the 16th wedding anniversary.

If you are planning to buy an aquamarine gemstone you should make sure that it is very clear, almost transparent and well cut.   As aquamarine is a crystal, clarity is very important, a good cut will differ from gemstone to gemstone, as it has to place emphasis on a stone’s good qualities while hiding the flaws. There will be a wide choice of aquamarine rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  There is even a body of opinion that says that aquamarine engagement rings are better than emerald engagement rings. You can also have aquamarine jewelry set in silver, gold or white gold, what you  choose will depend on your personal taste and skin tone.   You should really do some research before buying any type of aquamarine jewelry and only go to a jeweller or retailer that you can trust.  With the internet is very easy to get information about anything.   Your aquamarine jewelry will be with you a long time if you look after properly. The main danger to any jewelry is that it  gets in contact with any harsh chemicals, therefore remove it when doing any housework.

A Bit About Buying Antique Ruby Jewelry

Mickey | Jewelry | Monday, February 7th, 2011

Buying any antique jewelry is challenging for m any reasons. Not only do you have to know how to judge the quality of rubies and have some working knowledge of precious metals you also have to know both antiques and antique jewelry. Antique ruby jewelry can be especially difficult because of the issues with rubies and treatments. 95% of rubies mined are not very high quality. Rubies are not as hard as diamonds and the intense heat and pressures during their creation will leave cracks and fissures in the gem. Also because rubies are valued based on the intensity of the red color, the redder the ruby the more highly it is prized. When rubies like this are mined they are treated to deepen the color and render the cracks invisible to the naked eye.

This practice of treating rubies is only about 50 years old. This means that if you buy ruby jewelry which is antique the chances are you will be getting an untreated stone. This is actually a good thing when you think about the fact that if you give a new paint job to a totaled car it is still a totaled car. Treatments increase the salability of the gems by hiding imperfections but they do not increase the value of the stone. The problem is that most jewelers and distributers will not tell potential buyers this and they will make a copy of a Victorian ring with a treated stone and call it antique because the style is old.

Before buying any antique ruby jewelry you need to make sure of several things and have these things reflected in both your guarantee and certificates of authenticity. The first is the nature of the ruby. Where it was mined and when and whether it has been treated or not. The next thing is the actual age of the ring. These are all very important considerations because if you want an antique you want a real antique and not an antique style.

Pearl Necklaces As Wholesale Jewelry

Mickey | Jewelry | Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Now it’s easy to get wholesale jewelry online. Wholesale jewelry items are not only economic, but also have an attractive design and blend well with all types of clothing. There are many manufacturers selling a wide range of decorative products through online stores. Most online merchants are known to ensure that patients are customers and provide good customer service in sales. Several varieties of jewelry are created with different materials and sellers offer a wide variety of designs and styles. A pearl necklace can be one of the best options to beautify and contribute to the beauty of a woman and at the same time, increases the grace of pearls.

Necklaces go well with any type of mixture of clothing and even a simple dress to make them visible. Wholesale jewelry can help set up your wardrobe and allow women to stand out from others, using some of the elegant jewelry products. This bulk jewelry can make the gems seem more expensive than they actually are, as it is ideally suited with the right jewelry. Pearl is the perfect jewelry that is always in fashion. This helps to reflect the social status, style, elegance and luxury. It also increases the splitting of the different kinds of clothes and always in fashion. This elegant necklace can complement any type of equipment and really looks beautiful in wedding dresses. For most women, it is a gem of choice because it reflects their natural appeal and brightness.

Necklaces as ornaments bulk item admired celebrity wider recognition. There are many actresses who adorn the radiant pearl necklaces, which are much bolder and better. Most stars have helped to restore full of admiration and even with several other types of pearls. Buying some decent collections of necklaces as fashion items wholesale not only enhance the elegance and beauty, but also offer better alternatives, like expensive jewelry and gemstones. There are a wide range of structures both in costume retailers and online stores that have some great collections of necklaces that add complexity to any woman.

In search of more elegant pearl necklaces, one will need to take into account the style of your equipment. These custom jewelry items go well with any type of clothing, or Holiday, formals, and other types of clothing in the middle. Pearl necklace wholesale jewelry can be satisfying and provides an immense pleasure to any woman. This is an indication of how important it is for most women to get a pearl necklace.

A brief look at vintage charm bracelets

Mickey | Jewelry | Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

If you think that a charm bracelet is a recent fad loved by fashion obsessed teenage girls well, you  should think again, charm bracelets have a very long history. Since the beginning of time people have had the desire to either collect small items that were meaningful to them or amulets and other trinkets that were supposed to protect them from illness, injury or bad luck.

Especially in times of war and battle or in the case of sailors, charms were particularly important as people wanted to wear something that they believe would keep them safe and also it was important to maintain a sense of identity and individuality and remember things from home and their loved ones. Queen Victoria loved charm bracelets and started the fashion of wearing them not as an amulet but as a fashion item. In the 20th century charm bracelets have been in and out of fashion. While in the 1970s they were not fashionable at all and forgotten, in the 1980s people started to search for vintage charm bracelets. Since then charm bracelets have been very fashionable. If you are looking for a vintage charm bracelet ensure that you know what you are buying and always do some research, you can be quite certain that you will be sold what you are looking for if you go to a reputable antique shop but unfortunately the same cannot be said about eBay (although there are good deals to be made if you know what you are doing). You will find that the word vintage is used liberally even to describe items that are only 10 or 20 years old but if you are looking for a genuine antique piece you might be prepared to invest a considerable amount of money. On the other hand, if you want to give a charm bracelet as a present you will be probably less likely to err if you buy a brand new bracelet that the recipient will be able to personalize over the years.

Selling Charms Online

Mickey | Jewelry | Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

If you happen to have a jewelry store, chances are you have a need for wholesale charms. The online stores are most likely going to be the best place to find what you need. Online retailers are able to sell to people around the world. When you are choosing to sell charms, it is important for you to find something that is going to be appealing to your customers.

It is common for people to believe that a charm is a way to bring good luck into your life. Many women will also tell you that they wear it in order to stand up for what they believe in. Many customers may be shopping for a gift for her mother. However, other customers may be shopping for a gift for their wife. Either way, a charm is going to be the perfect gift. It does not matter if you are looking for something in gold or silver or even possibly platinum. You will easily be able to find what you need. You can either wear your charm on a chain around your neck or as a bracelet. Many wholesale charms stores will also offer different accessory to go along with the bracelet.

Shopping for a wholesale charm is a great way to lower the price on your jewelry and also help you to make some extra money. You may consider putting your charms on display at your favorite boutique or any type of craft fair. Many women are going to want to purchase a charm that will match their outfits were to hang on their purse.

You can usually purchase a charm in most anything you can imagine. Per incident, a car, a flower or even a religious symbol of some type. Many women prefer to have a Christmas tree charm that they can wear during the holiday as well as a heart charm that they can wear on Valentine’s Day. Wholesale charms are going to come in many different price ranges.

It is important for you to buy products that you know that your customers are going to buy. For instance, if you happen to get a lot of teenagers coming to your store, you are going to want to get more fun type of charms that are aimed at the lower age group. This is a great way to help you to sell much of your product for a profit.

Engagement Rings: Show Her Your Love with a Diamond Pear Engagement Ring

Mickey | Jewelry | Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Diamond Pear Engagement Ring


Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement RingA good representation of your feelings for your partner is through pear shaped engagement rings. It is one of the diamond rings that are of an odd shape making it an original. Also referred to as teardrop, this pear shaped diamond rings won’t let you shed a tear because the design maintains its beauty after decades. Little hands with fair sized fingers are suited for wearing diamond pear rings. Look at the cut rather than the size, to gauge quality. The pear shape renders the ring with more elegant look.

Your pear shape diamond engagement ring could come in any color you want. Yellow tinted diamonds may be a great idea instead of the going with the norm which is using white diamonds. Just remember that when you choose diamond colors, make sure it fits the color of the setting. Next, look at the diamond and gauge its clarity. Clarity is gauged upon the diamonds flaws both inside and out.

A flaw refers to the cracks or discoloration or any unwanted marks inside or outside the diamond. Some diamonds could have scratches and unwanted marks on the surface and this is called blemishes. If the diamond’s unwanted marks are inside, they are called inclusions .It is very seldom that you will find diamonds in perfect shape, both inside and outside.

These diamonds are expensive because of their clarity. Diamonds engagement ring shaped like tear drops or pears are high priced. They sell for about 2000 dollars, maybe more. If you are on a budget and cannot afford pear cut diamonds, choose round cut diamonds instead. Round cut diamonds are sold at a lower price. Some opt to buy pear cut diamonds priced at a thousand dollars or below. I think that they are making bad purchases because cheap pear cut diamonds will have obvious imperfections.

Jewelers have different degrees of craftsmanship and it is important to look at how the ring is made. If you don’t like the ring displayed in shops, or the ones in brochures and catalogues of the jewelers – maybe you have something in mind and couldn’t quite find it – then maybe you can consider having the jeweler create a ring just for you. A custom made ring that you can call your own. Take a gander at the cushion cut engagement rings while you are at it.

Bracelet Breadth

Mickey | Jewelry | Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

A bracelet is more than just a type of jewellery or adornment that one wears around the wrists – indeed, there is an enormous variety of styles produced, materials used and basic rationales for their existence, far beyond the simple jewellery types that most people are familiar with. Bracelets can be found manufactured in both metal or cloth and may also contain other materials like shells, wood and even rocks. Bracelets are also commonly used, for example, as a form of medical identification that notifies a hospital about potential allergies. In the 80’s, snap bracelets became widely popular: these are bracelets that curve around the wrist, if it are softly touched and are also made primarily of felt.

Lance Armstrong and Nike has popularized the utilization of silicone or colored rubber as a type of material used to produce sport bracelets, as evident through the “Yellow Livestrong” bracelet. The success of this type of bracelet has popularized the use of bracelets as a low cost means of conducting an information campaign or promoting important charities. These types of bands are commonly referred to as “wristbands”, “Baller Bands”, and “baller ID bands”.

Another important type of bracelet is the tennis bracelet. This type of bracelet is lined with thin diamonds in a symmetrical pattern. In 1987, the past World Number 1 woman’s tennis player, Chris Evert, was participating in the U.S. Open when her diamond bracelet broke off. The match was then stopped to allow her the chance to find all of the diamonds that had broken off during the game. This tennis incident popularized the name “tennis bracelet” and became a very huge and popular trend that still exists today. This is evidenced by the fact that many tennis personalities continue to wear such bracelets.

A Cape Cod bracelet is another great type of bracelet. This type of bracelet is a simple, single silver or gold wire that has a screw ball fastener. These types of bracelets are often handmade so they can get the perfect measurements. They are measured in such a way that they will slide just over your wrist bone.This type of bracelet was first popularized by Amy Johnson from the show “Felicity”.

Wristbands are a circular strip that is worn around the wrist. These might be made from different types of materials depending on the purpose for the bracelet. This term is also commonly used as a way to describe the bracelet-like part of a wrist watch as well. It might also be a reference to decorative personalised jewellery bands or other functional types of bands.

So bracelets are highly versatile because they can be fun, functional and even decorative – the variety is sometimes surprising.

What About Buying A Cubic Zirconia Necklace?

Mickey | Jewelry | Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

All jewelries have their purpose. Sure, they are used to enhance your clothing and overall appearance. There are some instances though that you want a specific part of your body to be the center of attention. This jewelry will serve as you centerpiece. Since you are going to spend money on this, you have to make sure that you get the best out of your money’s worth. You should also pick the right piece for the job as all eyes will be focused on it.

Since you want your item to be your centerpiece, you have to choose a jewelry that’s within a person’s vision. This leaves rings and bracelets out of the options available. Probably the sexiest jewelry available is the necklace. The necklace is a good choice because people can see them without being too obvious and glaring. It’s very subtle that way. They can also accentuate your neck and make them look a lot slender.

After picking the right jewelry for the job, you have to find the best stones and gems to achieve the look you want. You don’t have to spend on the gems and jewelries. There are smart and practical ways for you to shop for them. You can do this by shopping for a cubic zirconia necklace. Cubic zirconium necklaces are affordable buys that look like you paid more for them than what you actually did. This is because cubic zirconia, or CZ as it’s familiarly called, is synthetically made. They are made to look like the expensive mined stones like diamonds, rubies and emeralds. These stones can fit in most people’s budget. If you have a few dollars more to space, you can splurge a little on the metal alloy. You can opt for gold or silver chains to go with your CZ stones. This is a good idea because you won’t have to worry about your chain fading overtime. CZ necklaces are great buys. You’ll be pleased with the many collections available. Enjoy!

Man Made Diamonds – Aka Affordable Diamonds

Mickey | Jewelry | Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Good news for the girls! Man made diamonds are now available in the market and these are relatively far more affordable and approachable for everyone and resemble the naturally produced diamonds. It is not to be thought that these synthetic diamonds are imitations or fake jewelry items. These are so close to being real that even experts and gemologists are unable to distinguish between the manmade diamonds and the actual diamonds without using special and advanced machinery.

Mostly the consumers consider low priced commodities to be something inferior in quality. But, the fact with the man made diamonds is that they are an extremely delicate and sophisticated creation of man. In contrast to the real diamonds, these can be prepared in the laboratory within just a few days.

As a matter of fact, the naturally occurring diamonds are so expensive that they are mostly not in the reach of most of the people. Also, these original diamonds are not frequently available in a number of colors. But, when it comes to man made diamonds, these do not require much of an effort to be produced. The synthetic diamonds are prepared under controlled conditions and atmosphere inside a laboratory and are as fine and pure as the original ones.

We all should be thankful to science for it has allowed mankind to solve many of the facets that were unsolvable earlier. For instance, now you can buy man made diamonds that are nearly 30% to 70% cheaper than the original and natural diamonds. So now, if you want to ask your girl out or present to her on your engagement or wedding day, but are on a tight budget, then you can easily consider the acquisition of these diamonds!

These are also the perfect choice for people who are against the usage of real diamonds as they are considered “blood diamonds”, so you do not have to worry about moral or political misgivings anymore.

Another advantage of these man made diamonds is that this creation has now allowed replacing silicon chips with inexpensive diamonds and will help to accelerate and expedite the speed of all electronic devices as diamond is the most effective semi- conductor. These manmade diamonds are equivalent in shape, size, clarity and elegance to the original ones. But the price factor has certainly added much more of a spark to these.

Clip on Earrings for Kids Are A Great Accessories

Mickey | Jewelry | Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Not too long ago it was unseemly for a child under about 12 years old to have pierced ears. There were actually reasons for this other than society’s mores. Children under 12 actively engage in a great deal more physical play than older children and a dangling earring can cause severe injury. One single unintentional yank during play and a beautiful child can easily lose an ear. Everyone wants their children to look pretty but at the same time they also want their children to be safe. This is a problem that most people do not even anticipate this problem, which is why we see babies with pierced ears.

You do not have to risk your child with pierced ears however. There are clip on earrings for kids and some of these designs are very fashionable. Of course clip on earrings have been around for many years but it has only been recently that they have been made especially for children of all ages. In the past, if you wanted your child to wear clip on earrings they either had to be adult sized or some plastic and pastel creation that looked better in a Disney movie. There was no such thing as a fashionable child´s clip on earring. While cartoon earrings are still available you can now buy clip on earrings for kids in hoops, studs or pendant drop earrings. You can find them adorned with precious stones, or faux stones, pearls, crystals or even plastic beads. The mountings can be platinum, gold, white gold, silver or even titanium and be any design you wish.

The great thing about these new earrings is that the clips are both magnetic and spring loaded so your child cannot lose it so easily. The best place to find these earrings is online. The internet will get you the best selection at the best price and shipping domestically is usually free of charge.

Pearls Rings is a site that offers information on all sorts of jewelry accessories for both kids and adults, and is well worth a visit if you are looking to go shopping.

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