MLM Training Resource Review – Are All the .coms Gone?

You’re excited about your new MLM business and you’ve decided to go to work even before attending your first MLM training. Congratulations! You’re a self starter and success is on the agenda.

Even without MLM network marketing training, you know you need to secure a domain. I recommend securing a domain with or They both have excellent service. MergeDomains is a bit cheaper and that can add up when you discover the many domain possibilities.

Remember, .com is the preferred domain extension. You could make yourself crazy inputting the first hundred domain possibilities that come to mind. Or, you could check out this video for  a wonderful review of


What to Write About to Create Your Marketing Funnel

Editor | How to Sell Your Products,Information Marketing | Monday, July 13th, 2009

You begin with a free or very low cost report to bring your prospects into your marketing funnel.

With the report, you reader will learn the benefits of working from home and what types of work from home businesses are available. So by the time they get to the end of the free or low cost report, they’re ready and raring to go on to the next level, so you’ll then have a link to another report or the entire system.

Once you have them hooked and they realize that MLM is an ideal business model, they’re going to want to know what MLM you’re part of that is if you’ve haven’t already told them. And they’ve already decided that it’s worth respecting you and they want to be in a business relationship with you.


How to Become an Authority in Your Niche

When people buy a product, they don’t just buy products, they’re buying a solution. So if you were the one to help them with that solution, then that person will look to you as an authority figure in your particular niche. This means that you’re offering them both the business opportunity and your product line.

You have an obligation to be a leader to your group and a trusted authority to your customers. After being in business for a long time, you will have gained a great amount of experience and knowledge that you can document and even sell to your customers and downline.

This gives you the opportunity to become an info product publisher, which can be a very rewarding line of work if you handle it right. And you don’t have to worry about the process of writing or publishing –it’s really simple with modern technology to become a self-published expert on the web.


How to Set Up a Squidoo Marketing Funnel

Hopefully you now know that you need to write articles for your lenses and other Web 2.0 sites and blogs, because article marketing, or educational marketing is what works in today’s Web 2.0 world…So what’s next?

Well, what the big-money earners do is set up a Marketing Funnel.

First thing’s first. Statistics show that a person must be exposed to an idea at least 7 times before they’re willing to accept it. So instead of writing an entire Squidoo lens or blog post on “why you have to have my MLM” you should start at the beginning.


An Introduction to Information Marketing

Editor | Information Marketing | Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Information Marketing is the new age of selling products online. Info products don’t require shipping and you don’t have to keep inventory or worry about a defective item. You can digitally download all of your orders. With a little creativity, you can be in business with little or no investment, as you’re profiting from articles, reports, e-books, etc that you can write yourself and sell to others.

The info product can either be created for you or it can be something you’ve written yourself. When you write your own articles, reports or e-books, you don’t have to worry about paying a fee for someone else’s work and you can write it exactly the way you want to write it.

If you’re not good with writing, you can outsource and purchase articles from a freelance writer and use those as a way to create income. Or if you enjoy writing, but wouldn’t mind a little help with editing or re-writing, you could combine the two.


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