How to Decide If a Portable Air Conditioner Is Right

Mickey | Home Improvement | Monday, February 28th, 2011

If you are looking at cooling systems for your property then at some point you may have to make a decision between buying a fixed or portable air conditioner> How is it best to decide? What factors will affect this decision.

Well, portable air conditioners are now made in quite a few different cooling capacities and you can buy very powerful ones of 16,000 BTU for your business or one as low as 8000 BTU for a small room at home, so there is almost one to fit any situation.

Most fixed air conditioners you’ll buy for your home have a sufficient capacity to cool most rooms within a standard sized house. However with the portable ones you have to be careful – and it’s not just the size of the room that counts. Yes, you will need to measure your room, but you will also have to take into account how got the room gets, how many people use it at the same time and how tall the ceilings are.

For example if you have a small, shaded room that hardly ever sees the sun, with normal height ceilings and which is used by only one person then an 8 to 10,000 BTU will usually suffice. But it may not suffice for a small, sunny room with high ceilings and used by 2 or 3 people at the same time, so take care to analyze your requirements correctly.

Once you have measured your room you can head over to some retailers’ web sites and portable air conditioner reviews and see where your specifications can match up. Choosing the right one is so important as an overly powerful one will cost more at first and in the long run, with monthly bills; an under-powered one will not do the job you want it to do.

Why You Should Declutter Your Home Fast

Mickey | Home Improvement | Sunday, February 27th, 2011

There are many ways to declutter and organize your home. But, many of them fail simply because the homeowner loses their motivation. If you take too long to get your home organized, you just don’t see results fast enough and people tend to forget why they were doing it in the first place. Other seemingly more important things will come up and the time just isn’t there to do it.

That is why you need to learn to declutter your home fast. By doing it quickly, you give yourself the chance to see real progress. Although, there is still a commitment involved, it becomes a self motivating commitment and you will tend to keep moving along towards your goal.

So, what are the steps involved? It’s easy! Get yourself a stopwatch, or if you have an extra alarm clock that will work too. Round up all of your cleaning supplies. Get some empty cardboard boxes (three or four of them). And, select an area that you want to begin in.

The trick to selecting the appropriate area is that you want to pick an area that you think you can get cleared within thirty minutes. We are going to limit our time to one half hour because it helps us keep from getting burned out. So, that area might be a closet, or some shelves, maybe one corner of a room – it doesn’t matter, as long as it can be done in your allotted time frame.

Start your timer and begin sorting through everything. Separate items for donation, to sell, to throw away, and to keep (very few of these). Once your timer goes off, and if you selected your cleaning area right, you should be done with that spot.

If you have more time, move on to the next spot. Otherwise, start a new one the next day. You will see results fast!

Hoome Security Sacramento: Choosing The Right Surveillance Camera

Mickey | Home Improvement | Friday, February 25th, 2011

Choosing the right surveillance camera is important. When selecting a camera for home security Sacramento officials point out that cameras are an investment like any other, so making sure to choose one that you will be happy with is a good idea. Unwanted intrusion and thefts can be watched for and prevented. Documentary evidence can also be saved for further use.

As with choosing anything important for safety and security, a thorough study of your requirements would be the best place to start. Just like when choosing burglar alarm systems Sacramento security authorities stress the importance of first considering what you would like to use the technology for. Think about the area you want your camera to cover, the possible locations where the cameras may be placed, and the total number of cameras required to cover all of the areas that you would like to monitor on video. Leave room for further expansion, if purchasing a security system.

Tips for choosing the right surveillance camera must include locations for positioning of the cameras, and their power supply. In case, the camera cannot be connected with wires, a wireless camera with a battery and solar charger may be a good alternative. Home security Sacramento experts also state that your camera’s view must not be block at any time, by say, a door inadvertently left open. Wireless transmission from the cameras should not be subject to interference, or get attenuated due to intervening structures.

The quality of the picture is of importance in selecting the camera. You may require only a black and white picture with fairly reasonable details. The camera for this requirement will be far cheaper in price, than a camera showing you the color of your intruder’s mustache. If monitoring during nights as well, the camera may require night-vision infrared technology; else, the area should be properly lit-up.

If you are setting up the camera indoors, then you are lucky, and may not need to consider the weather conditions affecting it. However, as tips for choosing the right surveillance camera for the outside, one with an outdoor rating would be necessary. You may have to shield it both from the vagaries of nature and also the vandals. Home security Sacramento authorities also state that the camera would have to be housed in a suitable weatherproof enclosure. Further security will have to be put up if the camera is not to be carried away in the middle of the night.

Finding Cheap Customized Closet Organizers

Mickey | Home Improvement | Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The economy is just going worse nowadays. There is no denying it, and it will do us better to cope with the times rather than pretending that everything’s okay. I am not saying that we need to cut off on buying things that we need, but we should find ways on how to get the best deals. Let’s take customized closet organizers for example. These are not cheap, especially due to the fact that they were especially made for you. But they are just so convenient that I would list them as a necessity rather than a luxury.

In order to find cheap but customized closet organizers, I suggest shopping for them online. Though they are also available in most local stores, shopping online allows you to compare prices without having to go from one shop to another. Google is a lot of help when it comes to finding cheap stuffs, and you just have to bring your researching skills up a notch. Google works by finding keywords instead of sentences, so you might want to say “cheap affordable customized closet organizers” rather than “where can I find the most affordable organizers for my closet?” — you don’t ask google questions, you make it search for sites through these keywords. I actually tried these, and found a couple of helpful stores. I have Closet Organizers USA, which offers free shipping and a 15% discount on online purchases. Always look for stores offering online shipping, as this could make you save a lot. I also found Closets To Go, who promises to tame even the wildest closets. They offer 15% off on online purchases of over $1000, and 20% off for purchases over $2000. You can also check out Closet Factory, which is currently offering $250 off online purchases plus free installation.

The stores listed on these article are just some of the many offering periodic sale and free installation/ shipping. Just take the time looking online, and you will no doubt find online stores offerng great deals on just about everything.

Enjoying Additional Space with Overhead Garage Storage

Mickey | Home Improvement | Monday, February 21st, 2011

If you are deciding on a place in your garage wherein you can store some of the household items which are used on a seasonal basis, your common option would be buying cabinets and shelves from various department stores. These storage items are mounted on the side or back walls of your garage providing you with a place wherein you can hide some stuffs to avoid having them scattered all over your place.

However, if you feel like you have already maximized the use of your walls, yet you still have items which need to be stored, there is no more need to fear. When the walls and the floor are no longer free, you can start considering the use of overhead garage storage. When shopping for such item, you will be confronted with different models and sizes which will be appropriate for your needs and for the size of your garage.

The use of overhead garage storage can prove to be very beneficial for homeowners who need a dedicated space wherein they can keep all the things which they use only on a seasonal basis. Having such item would allow the prevention of having too many things scattered on the floor, especially those items which you would normally not use. Some of the things which are commonly placed on this overhead storage space include items used for camping, sports equipments, fishing equipments, holiday decoration items, and other bulky items which you do not want littered in the garage.

With the fully adjustable height of most of these units, they can be conveniently assembled in two places in the garage: at the end of the tracks or on the space which lies between the back wall of your garage and the end of the door tracks. Fore more information on garage storage, check out

Is A Home Wind Turbine Or A Generator For Home Use The Future Of Household Energy Supply?

Mickey | Home Improvement | Monday, February 21st, 2011

When we talk of the basic needs, we normally tend to ignore energy that is of significant amount in making food, clothing and warming our shelters. Energy makes our homes habitable and is the driving force of all industries. There are different types of energy but when it comes to home utility, a generator for home use is used to backup electricity incase of power shortages. Both electricity and generators require quite an amount of investment and regular payment of power bills and buying fuel to run the generators. To cut this cost, some countries have developed a home wind turbine to serve people better.

A home wind turbine uses free wind energy to power your home circuitry system. It is urged that a wind turbine is eco-friendly compared to a generator for home use since turbines don’t produce green house gases. People are still using the two types of energy sources although some argue that turbines are most safe but require a lot of capital to set up the turbine structure. The fluctuating fuel prices are also making people seek for another energy alternative to support electricity power. On the other hand, turbines using wind energy are not common in residential areas; they are far located for safety reasons and may not product enough electrical energy in low wind seasons. A poor location from the direction of wind also alters with their performance.

The noise produced by a generator for home use makes it unbearable in some homes forcing them to seek another option of energy supply like a home wind turbine. The high erection of turbine masts may hinder with flying birds and their location is a concern of many animal rights activists and scientists. These two energy sources are used today but the battle of relying on one of them will only be won by the decision of the users after they understand both of the energy sources.

Heating The Room With The Help Of Wood Or Multi Fuel Stoves

Mickey | Home Improvement | Monday, February 21st, 2011

For centuries stoves have been used for cooking and heating. In most of the heating stoves there is a combustion chamber and the exhaust gas is released through the chimney. As the smoke exits the chimney, fresh air is sucked in from the room and the burning of fuel continues in the combustion chamber. In the process heat is produced. There are also stoves available that come with the dual feature of cooking and heating. With the help of such a stove, cooking and heating can be done simultaneously. For centuries there have been improvements in the design of the stoves. This has resulted in new stoves that are more efficient and aesthetically appealing. Wood is used as fuel in the wood stoves while different types of fuel source can be used in the multi fuel stoves. These stoves are designed to eliminate the need of electricity and fossil fuels.


Traditionally wood burning stoves use wood as the fuel source. Not only the heat output is high in this but its fuel source wood is also easily available. Usually solid metal structure is used in the making of wood stoves and for controlling of airflow the setup is equipped with adjustable systems. Both varieties of hardwood and softwood are used as fuel in this type of stove. Before installing such a stove, one needs to be sure about the availability of the dry wood.


The popularity of multi fuel stoves has been on the rise as different types of fuels can be used in it. These fuels include corn kernels, compacted charcoal, wood pallets, and wood. By using such a stove the electricity or gas bill can be reduced because there is no need to rely on electricity, LPG or oil. These stoves are also designed to be stylish and match the home décor.

Kitchen Worktops Are Important For Home Improvement

Mickey | Home Improvement | Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Probably the most important component to consider when constructing or redesigning a kitchen is the space’s worktop. Many of the appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and garbage disposals will wear out eventually and need replacing over time. Because of this, the process of deciding which appliance to buy is not as permanent as deciding on fixtures to purchase or materials to use. When sifting thorough all of the available types of kitchen worktop it is necessary to chose something the consumer knows they will be happy with. Given quality materials the surfaces could last for decades.

For a more rustic and warm look, it is important to look into hardtop wooden kitchen worktops such Oak, Beech, or African Walnut. The natural look and feel of the woods will brighten up spaces and give the appearance that the kitchen is actually larger than it is.Solid surfaces are easier to clean, and due to their high volume of sale can have a much lower retail price then some other surfaces. They come in many different colors and be can installed relatively easily by a handyman without a template. They are also durable and resistant to stains.

For those looking to spend a little bit more, Granite worktops and Quartz surfaces become stunningly beautiful options that accent modern and sleek looking kitchens. They are easy to clean and look remarkable, but will need to be sized with a template and some significant planning is necessary to insure their correct installation. Their ability to stand up to abuse is unmatched and owners of Granite and Quartz tops seldom regret the investment.

It is easy to overlook kitchen worktops as a vital component to the kitchen because they do not “do” anything the same way a new coffee machine would, but their visual appeal and functionality bring the kitchen space to a new level that no other purchase could.

Do You Know the Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

Mickey | Home Improvement | Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Many homes have great quality garages attached to the home or they may stand alone. For these types of buildings, you want to make sure that you can use it well by having a good door installed onto it. There is just nothing like having a bad door put onto the garage. It may squeak and whine and you’ll find that you hate opening and closing the garage just because of its door. So by putting a better quality one one, you’ll be able to enjoy this particular addition to your entire house and your family will love it to.

By using a clopay garage door insulation kit you can get the job done right. The kit allows you to properly install the garage door yourself and will even help with the insulation. Since many homes get drafts because of the open garage, it’s a good idea to look for very good quality garage door insulation. You’ll find that your heating bill goes down because the home is properly insulated and you don’t have any drafts at all coming in through the garage area of the home. If you work out in this space, you’ll want to make sure it is warm as well so that you do not get sick while you are out there and working.

By using a clopay garage door insulation kit the job will be done quickly and well. The kit will inform you on how to put the insulation in and how to properly seal everything to make your home as energy efficient as it could possibly be. The dollars will definitely pay off in the long run while you see your energy bills going down each and every month. It just makes sense to look for good garage door insulation to use in the home.

The Advantages of a Free Standing Bike Rack

Mickey | Home Improvement | Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Mane people when asked would think that a freestanding bike rack is a waste of space, afterall if it only stores one bicycle then what is the point – surely you are saving no space at all.  However there are certain instances where a free standing bike rack is the ideal solution and this article takes a look at three of those solutions.

Perhaps you were considering buying a maintenance stand for your bicycle, having the bike of the ground saves strain on your lower back and certainly makes it easier to adjust breaks and tweak gears. Having a free standing bike rack that doubles up as a stand is a great solution as you are only buying one object – that has two purposes – and therefore saves space.

Bicycle storage can be very difficult particularly if you have a plastic or metal shed. Although these sheds require little maintenance and are quick to assemble they do have the drawback of not being able to attach anything to the walls such as a bike rack. In this instance your only solution is to use a free standing bike rack – it may not save you any space but it will certainly prevent your bike from being damaged and possibly injuring somebody.

If you have a family and therefore have a number of bikes to store a free standing bike rack that stores four bicycles can be a great use of garage storage space. These racks will easily store four bikes in the same floor space that it takes to store two and a there for a great use of space. These types of rack have adjustable arms so you can store all sorts of bicycles from children’s bike right through to full suspension mountain bikes.

These are just three advantages of free standing bike racks and why you might like to consider using one.

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