Get Fitter with Your Own Kinect Motion Sports Games

Mickey | Games | Friday, January 7th, 2011

Everyone is apparently interested in how remarkable Microsoft’s most current innovation is, and Kinect Motion Sports is widely seen as one of the better methods to test the ability of this kind of innovation. There isn’t any doubt that sports games, such as Motion Sports would be the most appropriate pair for the technology of Xbox Kinect, and this is thanks to the fact that you must move a lot while trying to play sports.

If you try to make a comparison between Kinect and some other type of gaming consoles, you are likely to understand that, Sports Kinect games is the only system that may enable you to watch on the monitor every motion that you make. This is undoubtedly the advantage of Kinect over all other gaming system.

The visuals are the next thing that is definitely special about Kinect Motion Sports. You would certainly enjoy the animated and colorful background that it has got. Additionally, the feeling of the game conditions is so favorable but is far from being childish looking.

It must also be appreciated that the menus and the images used in Kinect Motion Sports are set up to make sure that the players are conscious of anything and everything which they will be doing. In the case of how the games are enjoyed in Kinect Motion Sports, and thinking of the way some other game systems are competed, what you are going to see is the major difference they have.

Evidently, the huge contrast is that Kinect Motion Sports is one thing that a player will have to move the entire body to play. And so, every time you engage in a particular type of sports game with Kinect, certainly you’ll look and feel just like you were on the playing court along with different players. Since basically your entire body should be moving, you will certainly perspire a lot soon after a game of Motions Sports Kinect.

Electronic Chess Game

Mickey | Games | Sunday, December 26th, 2010

If you think computer gaming is totally worthless, uneducational, and harmful to your kid, better think again. As a parent, I totally understand the apprehension of other parents on the rising popularity of computer games and the articles regarding its harmful benefits as well. It has been shown in the past researches that indeed computer gaming can totally bring harm to a child if played without proper parental guidance which can lead to longer time on playing games, setting aside other priorities, strained eyes, and other possible consequences. However, if you will try to check out other gaming sites online, you will find yourself that there are a lot of educational games indeed that might as well even help your kid excel in the class and become successful individuals in the long run.

One example is the electronic chess game. Chess game is a game for the brain. It totally develops the strategic thinking of the player and enhances eye focus. It also promotes harmonious and quite vicinity as it is not a loud game. With electronic chess game, you will also be able to keep track of your moves; your levels won, and increase difficulty level. On one hand, electronic chess games also shows practical moves to win in the game. So if you have noticed that your child loves educational and challenging games like chess then maybe you ought to get one for him as this will greatly increase his skills. On one hand, if he loves super hero play, then let him engage with Power Rangers games or shooting games if he loves to? Moreover, there are lots of other unblocked games online that might as well be beneficial to him. The bottom line is that electronics games are not harmful at all as long as the parents have complete guidance and control of the player.

Online Game Mahjong Connect

Mickey | Games | Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

If you are looking for a challenging game to play online then look no further than Mahjong Connect.  Mahjong Connect is a very basic game to play but very difficult to master.  Mahjong Connect is a tile based game where tiles with different patterns on them are placed on top of each other and the object is to eliminate all the tiles on the board.

The traditional pattern is a basic rectangle however there are many variations out there.  In other versions you will see the tiles placed in the pattern of a flower, animal or shape.  The object of the game still remains the same though which is to match up the designs on the tiles in order to remove them from the board.  The hard part is though that the tiles are stacked on top of each other and you are only allowed to move tiles that are on the outside edge of your board.  If you see a tile that is a match but is surrounded by other tiles then you must slowly work you way in to that tile freeing it before it can be removed.

The game is very basic and you can just jump right in and start playing, however in order to master Mahjong Connect it will take time and patience.  Mahjong Connect requires the player to think ahead and come up with a strategy in order to successfully complete the board.  Mahjong Connect may be a little more than some people are looking for in a game as it can become very frustrating when you are just learning.

If you are looking for something a little easier then there are plenty of other games out there that you can just sit down and start playing.  If you are looking for basic games online then there are truck games, drifting, games and zombie games which are all fun but just don’t require the patience that Mahjong Connect demands from the player.

Great Fun With The Smart Ass Board Game

Mickey | Games | Friday, December 10th, 2010

In the last few weeks we have seen the Smart Ass Game overtake the Hedbanz game for kids in terms of popularity. This is a simple game to play that provides many hours of entertainment for the whole family, but only if we want ti to. The game is played in under half an hour but we will find that as everyone loves to play it so much then we usually end up playing a number of rounds.

The premise is very simple. We have to guess what is being referred to from the clues that are being given. One player reads the clues and everyone else has to find the right time to take a guess. As the clues are read out they get easier. But everyone is only allowed one guess for each cards so we need to get out timing right. Do it too early and get it wrong and we can’t guess again. But wait too long and we will find that others will guess and guess right long before we do.

The Smart Ass game will lead to lots of fun and laughter and will see everyone trying to force themselves not to shout out a word even thought they are not sure that they have the right answer.
We want to make it around the board first and we need to win as often as we can if we are to do this, but our own lack of holding back may work against us.

The smart ass game really is an awful lot of fun and there is no doubt that if you want something that is guaranteed to be loved by the adults and children that are not too young then this is one of the best board games currently on the market without doubt.

Car Drifting Games

Mickey | Games,General | Monday, December 6th, 2010

When it comes to drifting games there are plenty of choices out there.  The basic idea behind the online drifting games is to race your car around a track with many twists and turns.  While drifting speed is typically not your only concern.  You also have to worry about style while drifting as many games rate and give you points based on your drift.  Such things as angle, speed , and the amount of time you can hold your drift may all be factored in towards the points you could receive.

Within drifting games you will normally be matched up either head to head or in a small group all competing for the number one spot.  After a level is completed if you have done well enough you will then have the opportunity to upgrade your car.   You will be able to purchase such things as new tires which are probably the most important item when it comes to drifting.  Along with tires some other upgrades that you may have available are your brakes, engine, turbos, repairs, and even a completely new make and model car.  In order to get through the harder rounds you will need to take advantage of the upgrades that are available to you.

Car drifting games are quite unique and offer an experience different than many other online games.  Drifting games require quick reflexes and  excellent hand eye coordination.  They may take a little getting used to, especially if you have never played a drifting game, but car drifting games can offer hours of entertainment.

In your search for car drifting games you may come across other games such as free zombie games, mahjong connect, fishing games and all sort of other, each unique in their own way.  It will be up to you to decide if car drifting games are the right match for you.

Dirt Bike Games Online

Mickey | Games | Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Dirt Bike Games Online


Many people have discovered how fun playing games online can be, but how does one find dirt bike games online? You have heard from your friends or seen the ads on television about some of the great games that one can play online but have been wondering how do you find it? With the variety of new game sites popping up all the time it may be hard to keep track of the best sites and find the one that you really like. One easy way to start finding the best sites to play video games online is to do a quick search in ones favorite browser.

By doing this, this will lead the person looking for the best dirt bike games online will be presented with a variety of different choices to choose from. One thing to keep in mind when trying to find the best game out there is that each game will be a little different. People will need to probably play a few different games and maybe a few different sites to find the one that they really like. Gaming is something that is very personal and is very dependent on the individuals taste. Go ahead and try a few and when you find one that you like, make sure you book mark it, so you will be able to find this site again in the future with ease. You wouldn’t want to have go searching all over again would you?

Another method that one can use when trying to find dirt bike games online is to try looking at gaming and biking magazines. Often time there will be ads that will be talking about the all the video games that one can find online. Video game magazines will be a great starting point for this as that is what these magazines are intended to do. One can spend time browsing the magazine and hopefully find a great new place to play some dirt bike games online. Biking magazines on the other hand are catered just to people interested in biking, so the ads that one may see will be very specific to biking. Why not start here and you will be sure to find a plethora of places that you can play dirt bike games online.

Dirt bike games can be played online with either oneself or with some friends. So grab your friends and get the challenge set up and have a great time playing dirt bike games online.

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