Safe And Ergonomic Office Chair

Mickey | Furniture | Monday, January 17th, 2011

Office chairs is expected to provide the necessary comfort for all kinds of users. The office chairs should have both stability and it should be adjustable. There are several health hazards which results due to unstable and rigid office chairs. Hence now a days as people are very health conscious they are very particular about ergonomic office chairs. Leather office chair with wheels are preferred as they provide accessibility to large areas. When office chairs have wheels few things are to be considered. The chair should be stable enough to maintain the balance. They should not trip when the user leans forward. The office chair should not be lop-sided.

When the user stands up the chair should not roll back. This is a problem when the office floor is not carpeted. The chair base is expected to have five stars, anything less than that will not produce the desired stability. The arm rest should be adjustable. They should have the ability to be removed when it is not used. The wrist should be properly supported. The foot rest should be provided when the foot dangles. A foot rest stool should be used or some phone books should be used to provide the support needed.

The curve of the back should be properly supported. Hence the back of the chair should also have the curve to fit in properly. The height of the seat should be adjustable. The seat pan should be large enough to accommodate any kind of user. Narrow seat pan has its own hazard. The user would feel uncomfortable when the seat pan is narrow. Approximately 2 cms of space should be present on the sides apart from the space occupied by the user. Once the desired comfort zone is obtained the back rest is locked. Comfortable sitting position should be provided by any office chair as it greatly influences health.

All Homes Need Large Coffee Tables

Mickey | Furniture | Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Coffee tables have always been part of modern human lives. These are usually found in living rooms. Some larger homes or multiple leveled buildings have different lounges that of course have living room furnishings. Coffee tables are useful pieces where you can place your beverages, such as coffee, and other items while have good conversations with your friends and family members. You can also discuss certain important things around the coffee tables. This is done so that the involved people will have a wide area to discuss on.

In this era where space is expensive, people would find it impractical to buy large pieces of furnishings, but a lift top coffee table might work. However, you would definitely need large pieces if you have a large family. For some, large coffee tables are impractical pieces. However, you can make use their size to your advantage. You may be familiar with coffee table that have built in dressers or can also function as cabinets for your entertainment and gaming sets. However, newer advantages for large coffee tables are also seen. Some large coffee tables can have flip tops. The tops of these large coffee tables can be lifted so that you do not have to bend while you are working on your laptop computer or doing your homework. You can also reveal entertainment materials while bonding with your friends and loved ones.

You can normally see a large coffee table in large homes or business establishments. You will usually see that these are made from wood with carvings of flowers, vines and leaves. This is a traditional way to exemplify class and sophistication to one’s home. You can also see large coffee tables in cafés or office lounges. Hopeful applicants would have a place to sit comfortably while waiting for his turn for an interview, families can wait for their turn for a checkup from their physician, or transact business with would-be clients. While waiting for their turn, they may even have a chance to start up a conversation or for those who are having transactions, they can get less formal.

At first, you will definitely say that large coffee tables are rather traditional pieces. However, these will not be obsolete because of their sophistication. These have endured hundreds of years of trials and have been challenged by other types of coffee tables. And they will still be in existence because of the innovations that they undergo. So, before even considering getting rid of your classic coffee tables, think a million times. You may regret it in the future.

School Chairs at Very Low Prices

Mickey | Furniture | Friday, December 17th, 2010

School chairs are a great option if you want to begin a school or a day care institute. They are also great if you want to use it your own kid’s room. They are very durable as they can be easily moved from one place to another due to their light weight and design.

Buying school chairs

It is a wise decision if you decide to buy school chairs online, as it is the best option. There are a lot of internet shopping or online stores that give great offers and discounts, particularly if you are looking to buy chairs in a large sum. Following are the options we found best:

ATD American School Chairs

These are high quality school chairs which come with an ATD’s 25-year guarantee. You should long onto their website to see some great deals they offer. During some times of the year they offer free shipping as well.

School Outfitters

‘School Outfitters’ is the best bet if you want to buy bulk quantity of school furniture and school equipment for low prices. If you’re looking set up a thorough learning environment for not a lot of money, you should go straight to shop at  If you place order in bulk, you can get plastic school chairs for as low as $25, sometimes even less.

Shop at Costco

Costco is the third major retailer in the United States. They offer great deals on school chairs. A bundle of 10 colorful and strongly made plastic school chairs can be bought for only $200.

Worthington Direct

Worthington Direct is another name that offers great discounts on school chairs, both to the private and corporate buyers. The best thing about this site is that they provide a large variety in chair styles, materials and colors. They offer a full satisfaction guarantee. They have a very responsive customer service support department. They have been in the business for over 20 years in the school and church furniture. Ordering online is very secure as they have a full proof procedure through which you place orders and receive furniture.

No matter what school chairs you buy, make sure that children are comfortable and safe when they use these chairs. They should be made of strong materials that last long.

A Drafting Chair for Everyone

Mickey | Furniture | Friday, December 10th, 2010

Most people would say a drafting chair is a piece of furniture made only for those who are in the business of drafting or designing on a drawing board.  Opposite to this general misconception, drafting chairs have an extensive and a variety of uses other than drawing, designing or architecture.  This piece of furniture or office equipment can help make your work more comfortable especially when there is a need to work at elevations higher than the usual, as in the case of working on workbenches or even the counters.

There is no worry about choosing from only one design and color.  These days, you have the luxury of going through a wide range of styles, designs, color and materials.  What you should consider when looking around for a drafting chair is its durability and the materials it is made of.  Find one that is built to last long and provide you the comfort and convenience during the long hours of drafting work.

As to the style and design, manufacturers have included the branch of engineering science of ergonomics in the design and manufacture of drafting chairs.  Ergonomics is the study of the relation between the employees at work and their work environments.  With this in mind, ergonomic pieces of furniture are produced to ensure that work is enhanced and made comfortable for the worker.

Color and materials also offer a wide range of options to help you enhance the workspace and make it even more comfortable and conducive for working long hours at your designs and drawings.  The correct color scheme and materials used can also help increase your productivity, without getting tired too easily and sometimes even without having to take a break.

There’s definitely a drafting chair for everyone, making life at work more comfortable and stylish.

Infant Bedding Styles And Designs

Mickey | Furniture | Friday, November 19th, 2010

Infant Bedding


Infant bedding is an important priority for any parent that wants to ensure the comfort and safety of their child while they are sleeping. This unique bedding consists of a wide array of specially manufactured cot mattresses and various bedding sets that pertain to the dimensions of a crib or infant bed, as well as the general needs of a child. Due to the specialized nature of these products, close consideration is typically taken in looking to make decision to purchase one.

Infant bedding covers a wide range of products, including but not limited to, mattresses, pillows, duvets, and cot bed duvet covers. All of these products help make up the bedroom set that in turn sets the theme for the room as well as supply the ample comfort an infant requires during sleep. For most parents, the material and safety of the product is priority number one; following the safety of the product is the general style a particular infant bedroom set exhibits.

Most bedroom sets that pertain to infants are styled to help create a comforting environment for both the parents and child; as a result of this, there are a wide range of recognizable characters and themed items that can be tied into infant bedding and the various products that make up a set. Whether a parent simply wishes to incorporate a plush down comforter, and throw a themed cot bed duvet cover over the top of it to help lighten the space, or go all out and buy an entire themed set, rest assured there are limitless options available.

In all, infant bedding is an important element of a child’s early life that should be considered carefully. However, with all of the fun themed options that are available, there is no reason why choosing one can’t be fun as well.

How to Find Cheap Patio Furniture Covers

Mickey | Furniture | Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Finding cheap outdoor chair covers can be quite a challenge. Buying outdoor chair covers that must be done or else your furniture outside will not last a long time. Your outdoor chairs and tables need to be protected especially when you are not using them.  The changing weather can pound your furniture and not all furniture can take so much beating. Your chaise lounge for one needs a lot of attention, as well as all your other chairs in the patio.

Here are some tips you can use in order to find cheap covers:

Covers with hand sewn covers are a little expensive but they are of the highest quality, this is what you should be looking for. Look for covers which have vents. Vents allow your furniture to breathe and it helps prevent moisture from being trapped so that mildew will not build on your chairs and tables.

Covers with elastic draw cords are also helpful since they will allow you to easily tighten the cover to fit the chairs and tables.

It is important to measure the chairs and tables correctly so that your cover will fit appropriately. Always check with the retailer for the dimensions of the cover size. Buying chair covers in bulk will also help you some amount of money.

There are several covers for chairs, tables, chaise lounges, zero gravity recliner, benches and many types of chairs. There are different measurements so you have to know how to get the correct dimension.

The best materials to choose for covers are either vinyl or polyester. If you live in an area with too much rain pr if you have wrought iron chairs and tables, you need to purchase waterproof covers. If you want to save a few bucks, buy covers at the end of season sales. Most covers will have discounted prices during this time.

Bedding Sets That Will Work Great For Boys

Mickey | Furniture | Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Is your little boy big enough to have his very own room? Then, it is now time for you to go ahead and look for kids bedding sets that your child will love to use inside his sleeping space. Now, when you’re doing this, you need to bear in mind that a bedroom is considered as a personal space, which means that the furnishings or items that should be placed in there must be reflective of the personality of the person who will be using them.

With this given fact, you need to base your choice of kids bedding sets on the personal interest of your child so that you can ensure that he will be as comfortable as possible inside his room.

Boys are adventurous and they are more energetic than boys, which mean that they love themes that are lively such as those that feature characters from action-based cartoons that they watch on a regular basis. When you’re looking for themes like these, you will be presented with a wide array of varieties that will work great on kids beds.

Aside from cartoon characters, boys also love different kinds of vehicles such as motor cars, motorcycles, and trucks. On the other hand, you can also choose to go for bedding sets that are made with construction themes, if you’re little one is fond of saying the he’s going to be an engineer when he grows up. With these, you will know that the choices are really endless. You can even spot bedding sets for boys that are based on the latest movies that you and your child may have watched together.

Now, whatever your choice might be, you need to remember that the design featured on the bedding set is as important as the amount of comfort that its individual sheets have to offer. Comfort is really important as to the reason that this will determine the desirability of the sleeping experience that your kid will have inside his room.

Creating A Purple Bedroom

Mickey | Furniture | Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Is your favorite color purple? Would you love to maybe decorate your bedroom with this beautiful vibrant color? Well unfortunately purple can sometimes be a difficult color to decorate with, but do not fret there are a few simple things that you can do to make a purple bedroom come alive without looking too overwhelming or over the top.

First pick out the shade of purple that you want to use on the walls. Then I would use specific accent pieces to tie the purple walls and the rest of the rooms furnishing together. Things like finding the perfect purple bedding collection for your bed. I would choose one that has the same hue of purple but also has a patter that mixes in some more neutral colors as well. This will tone down the shock factor of walking into an all purple room.

As far as curtains are concerned I would go with a neutral color like white or off white that matches the neutral color in the bedding. This will also help to tone down the vivid purple walls in the room. Just imagine if you went with purple curtains too, the room would have purple over load. So it is vitally important to the rooms design that you get these neutral colors in there to tone things down a little bit.

Then I would finally tie all of the rooms furnishings and décor together with a very nice area rug. There are many different styles and types of purple area rugs available. Most of these rugs can be bought at your local home improvement store or online if you are having a hard time finding the perfect purple area rug to match your rooms décor. So take your time and shop around you never know you just might find that perfect purple area rug and a deal to boot!

Animal Rugs: A Wildlife Theme

Mickey | Furniture | Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Animal Rugs

Many people today decide to decorate their homes with an animal theme. Typically beginning with paintings and statues, and moving into furniture and other forms of decor. While out searching for the right piece to finish off a room people generally do not even consider their floor. Now plenty of amazing products are available and, consumers should have the chance to get a great animal rug for their wildlife decor. Many places carry area rugs, typically speaking most home decor shops have a few to choose from.

When out shopping the customer should consider their options before coming to a decision, as many rugs are quite expensive. The feeling people get when they see a room decorated nicely from top to bottom in an animal theme is like being in nature. Some people who like the wildlife theme are hunters. They usually have a real taxidermy piece or two on the wall or maybe even a leopard hide rug on the floor. This can make the room feel alive.

It is the opinion of many decorators that having a few taxidermy pieces is the key to completing the wildlife theme. Becoming a collector of wildlife themed decorations usually starts with an infatuation with animals. Typically spanning years before the homeowner decides to begin decorating their home to suit their desires.

Types of Animal Rugs

An elephant, lion, or zebra rug can go great with an African themed décor. There are cow rugs, horse rugs and bear rugs which typically fit a western décor. There are gorilla rugs, monkey rugs, and tiger rugs which fit a more jungle type theme. Being interested in animals means you have a great choice of many different kinds of rugs. Many people who decorate their homes with a wildlife theme; these people are perfect candidates for these animal area rugs.

There are many places where animal area rugs can be found on the internet. Hunters who have taxidermy pieces on their wall typically have an animal rug or two and their homes look amazingly wild. Look around for a rug today, to complete your decorating desires.

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