Top Choice Imperia Pasta Maker

Mickey | Food and Drink | Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Imperia Pasta Maker


Imperia Pasta MakerI used to wonder what all the fuss was about when people talked about fresh pasta, now I know. The difference is a bit like the difference between white sliced store bought bread, and home made bread. That is to say there is no comparison, and once you have tried fresh pasta you will know exactly what I mean. It is surprising that even though most of us will make our own curries at home, very few of us have ever tried making our own pasta. With the variety of pasta making machines available on the market this is quite surprising, although I suppose this can be blamed on the fact that life is too easy with amount of dried pasta in the stores. I have an Imperia pasta maker and I have to say that I am very pleased with the results. Pasta making is the same as every thing else once you have a routine, then it becomes easier with every attempt.

It is fair to say that with the hectic lives that we live it is easy to reach for the draw, pull out a packet of dried pasta, boil for ten minutes, serve it up and sit in front of the TV and eat. Sometimes though it has got to be better to chill out with no TV and enjoy the simple things in life, the same as your grandparents would have, baking your own bread and making your own pasta. Did you realise that you can buy a pasta machine for less than $30 and once you have this equipment in your kitchen you will be a pasta maker for years to come. I think the Italians defiantly have the right idea good food, good wine and taking time out to relax with there family and friends. Maybe if your life is to hectic to do this everyday, you should at least take time out once a week to relax and enjoy some good home cooked food.

Slow Cooker for Your Favorite Pork Chop Recipes

Mickey | Food and Drink | Saturday, February 19th, 2011

When you have a busy on-the-go lifestyle you’ll want to take advantage of having a slow cooker or crock pot.  There are many different brands to choose from.  When choosing a slow cooker you might want to consider the Crock-Pot Cook’ N Carry 6-quart oval portable cooker.  This portable cooker has a beautiful stainless steel base with a black crock handles and trim.  It was also make great engagement presents.

  • 6-quart oval stoneware – perfect for meals of seven or more people
  • High, low and warm settings are perfect for making chilis, stews, sauces and more
  • Locking system mounted on the lid makes it easy to use for portability
  • Unit stays sealed with the secure fit lid
  • Approximate measurements are 15 by 10 by 15 inches

In the morning as you set off for work set the dial to “Low” and dinner pork chop recipes can cook while you’re at work.  You’ll have a delicious meal ready when whole family arrives.  You can set the dial on “high” and have hot meal, snack, and appetizer or dip in no time.

You can use the “Warm” setting during a party or a get-together with friends.  That way your dish stays warm and ready to eat until the party is over. No matter the recipe or the occasion, your Crock-Pot Slow Cooker keeps the temperature constant so your recipe is cooked to perfection, full of flavor and delicious.

This slow cooker comes with a secure-fitting lid and locking system to create a tight seal between the stoneware and lid.  This ensures that up to 6-quarts of your special recipe can be transported with no muss no fuss.

The Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Slow cooker is a beautiful addition to your kitchen. This slow cooker has a stylish, stainless finish, and convenient lid locks that nestle neatly in with the lid.  The stoneware crock transfers easily from the stainless steel frame to the table or refrigerator.

Both the stoneware and the glass lid are dishwasher-safe, making clean up simple.

When You Eat Chicken You Are Eating Healthy

Mickey | Food and Drink | Friday, February 18th, 2011

When looking to eat healthy you will need to find a meal that not only is good for you but it should also taste good.  Without good taste nobody will eat healthy.  Chicken is the type of food that delivers on health and good taste in a big way.

Many doctors will advise their patients to eat chicken instead of red meat.  It isn’t too surprising that medical professionals view chicken in such a positive light.  It contains no carbohydrates and very little fat.  It has lots of B vitamins and essential nutrients.

People that suffer from obesity or are looking to lose weight will find that chicken is very helpful in getting them to reach their weight loss goals.

Unlike other meats chicken is a recommended food for people that have illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes.  You can eat chicken many times during the course of a week and never have to worry about doing any harm to your health.

Chicken has become a very popular snack food.  It is consumed at all times of the day and night in the form of nuggets, wings, and fingers.  Fast food restaurants have become the biggest seller of chicken products in the country.

Chicken can be cooked out on the BBQ or deep fried.  There are many ways to cook a chicken and many recipes you can use to prepare the bird.  You can eat chicken every day for a month or two and never have it cooked or prepared the same way twice.

People enjoy a side dish with their chicken dinner.  A good crock pot potato soup recipe will go with chicken just fine.  If you’re not in the mood for soup then there are many potato recipes that you can use that will work just as well.

Chicken makes a great tasting meal that is also very healthy.

Is There A Great Juicer Below $150?

Mickey | Food and Drink | Monday, February 7th, 2011

Yes, there is! If you’re wondering what it is, let me introduce the Breville BJE200XL, it is also referred to as the Breville Juice Fountain Compact, one of the low end juicing machines devised by Breville – a name you can depend on when it comes to juicing appliances. But being low end doesn’t mean that the quality is sacrificed. This machine can exceed your expectations, really!

It is true that the more expensive juicing appliances are multi functional and can juice even a wheatgrass and other leafy produce, but the Breville BJE200XL comes totally with great functionality among the other centrifugal juicers. Its superb cyclonic system operates at 14000 RPM for optimal juice extraction of almost 100%, even with those hard vegetables or fruits. Imagine, the 700-watt motor can do this, powerful enough, isn’t it? The stabilizing double knife assemble centers your fruits and vegetables, and minces the produce into minuscule parts and pushes them very well against the stainless steel micro-mesh filter that has 60000 pores (exactly that many). Imagine, even a pineapple with its rind on can be juiced. That’s how effective and powerful it is.

This machine is easy to clean too, since they have a custom made brush for the micro-mesh filter and hard to reach areas and most of the parts are dishwasher friendly. Cleaning will be a breeze. The assembly of the parts are also outstandingly uncomplicated can can be done in less than a minute. Although its weight is 13 pounds, it isn’t that large and can fit even the most limited storage space in your kitchen. Imagine how much time you’ll be saving by not cutting the produce since you can just place the whole fruits and vegetables, good for those who live busy lives.

Remember, all of these wonderful features, plus a one year warranty for all its parts in an amazing offer of below $150! So, grab one now and start enjoying delicious and refreshing fresh beverages that are healthy and can provide you and your loved ones with a means of not only saving money, but wonderful bodies.

Breville BJE200XL

The Best Italian Pizza Topping

Mickey | Food and Drink | Monday, January 10th, 2011

These are my best Italian pizza toppings, those that any real pizzeria in and outside of Italy will have on the menu. I’ve also added some tips if you want to try them at home.

Tuna and onions. Not the lightest among the toppings, and the onions will leave some effect on your breath until you’ve completely processed it (which is, if you have pizza for dinner, at around lunchtime of the day after), but those two together are a killer. Sauté’ the onion for 10-12 minutes on a pan with little olive oil before adding and put it in the oven half way through the cooking, with the tuna straight out of the can.

Margherita. Just mozzarella and tomato sauce. Out of Italy this is mistakenly considered the base of all pizzas, but in Italy it is a pizza in its own right, and the one with the longest tradition too. Make sure you have the best mozzarella available.

Rocket and Parmesan. In Italy it’s actually with Grana Padano (very similar to Parmesan). Simple and sophisticated. Bake the pizaa with tomato sauce only and add the topping once it’s out of the oven.

Ham and mushrooms. Another great pair. The ham shouldn’t be too thick nor too salty, and cut into stripes. Finely chop the mushrooms, then sauté in little extra-virgin olive oil and a clove of garlic until tender. Sprinkle with parsley, salt and pepper, and put them on top of the pizza with the slices of ham, half-way through the cooking.

Pepperoni. This is actually the odd one, as it is NOT an Italian topping but it’s still my favorite. Peperoni (with one p) is an Italian word but it means peppers, which are not normally used as pizza topping. However there is a type of Italian pizza with red-hot salami called “diavola.” But I prefer pepperoni pizza by far.

The Healthy, Nutritious Dip that is Hummus

Mickey | Food and Drink | Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Vegetarians all over the globe are grateful for the invention of hummus, which is not only a great appetizer, but also a healthy alternative to gravy and other meat sauce.

Hummus is a spread or dip whose main ingredients are chickpeas that has been grinded and whip into a paste. Think of peanut butter except that it has beans for its main ingredient. Other substitute for chickpeas is garbanzo beans, which are easily available at any grocery store. Another substitute is the Cece beans, which originated from Italy and other type of beans that can be grounded and whip with garlic and spices.

Another type of hummus is the lemon flavored hummus that is somewhat spicy and have a tangy garlic flavor in taste. It is all a matter of preference on how you set up your Hummus.  You can put in a lot or less of anything that doesn’t suit your taste.

The traditional hummus from middle east make use of Tahini as their main ingredient but a lot of variety has been cooked up including Roasted Red pepper Humus, Roasted Garlic Hummus , Black Bean Hummus, Sun Dried Tomato Hummus, Spinach Hummus, Spinach and Feta Hummus, Kalamata Olive Hummus, Peanut Butter Hummus, Low Fat Hummus with Yogurt, Hazelnut Hummus, Almond Butter Hummus Recipe, Cilantro and Lemon Hummus, Pumpkin Hummus, Soybean Hummus, Tomato Basil Hummus, Walnut Hummus, White Bean Hummus, Red Bell Pepper Hummus, Roasted Eggplant Hummus, Hummus with Pine Nuts, Hummus with Yogurt, Hummus with Sesame Oil, Tofu Hummus, Lemon Garlic Hummus, Zucchini Hummus, Jalapeno Hummus, Chipotle Cilantro Hummus, Sweet Potato Hummus, Artichoke Hummus and Cranberry Hummus.

As you can see, there are different types of hummus that will tickle your palates for all occasions.

Hummus makes a great dip for cocktail parties and children parties. It makes an appetizing dip for biscuits and other bread sticks that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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Burger King Coupons – Open Flame Grilled Savings

Mickey | Food and Drink | Saturday, January 8th, 2011

I always use Burger King coupons to save as much money as possible when I go out to eat for lunch. There is a Burger King right outside of my job so it is really convenient for me to eat lunch there. I only get a half-hour for lunch so it’s important that my food comes out quickly. You never have to worry about this when you eat at this fast food establishment.

I especially love they are hamburgers because they are broiled on an open flame. Most other fast food restaurants do not take the time and put the quality into the meat that they serve. You really taste the difference when you bite into one. I especially love the whopper. I order mine with cheese and without pickles because at Burger King you get to have it your way.

I didn’t always use coupons and I was really wasting a lot of money. When I started to use them I realized that I was saving $15-$20 every week. These kinds of savings can really add up and do a lot for your monthly budget. I don’t like to waste money so every week I make sure to clip out as many coupons as I can find for Burger King and some of the other restaurants that I love to eat food at you.

I also like to take my sons out for steaks at least once a month. Now anyone who has ever enjoyed a steak dinner notice that it can cost you a pretty penny. I can easily counter these costs I finding some great coupons are printable discounts online. I recently found some Longhorn Steakhouse coupons that I was able to print off right for my computer. These coupons helped me save almost $30 off my meal for four.

Understanding the Benefits of a Better Cup of Coffee

Mickey | Food and Drink | Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

As all coffee lovers know, having a good cup of coffee especially in the morning can set up a pace of good mood all throughout the day. In the same way, an unsatisfactory cup of brew can make you feel rotten all day. For owners of a Keurig coffee maker, this poses no problem as the brewer always guarantees delicious cups of gourmet drinks every time a beverage is prepared.

K Cups coffee have so many diverse flavors that you can choose from; and the brands are numerous too so you can try different concoctions of the same blend and get different results that are all delectable and exciting. If you like strong coffees, then you will probably be a big fan of Coffee People as almost all its blends are made extra strong and extra bold for a totally jolting experience in your coffee drinks. Some of its well known dark coffees are Black Tiger, Jet Fuel and Kona blend; these are all wake uppers that are best consumed in the mornings especially when you feel too sleepy to go to work.

The Green Mountain brand is also a well known coffee manufacturer that handles many types of K Cups coffee; it has light, medium and bold coffee products that are also available in decaf. Flavored coffees are available too; there are caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and even blueberries. You can even get the new offering, the apple cider brew, which is made from freshly picked apples and contains no preservatives. Almost all types of beverages can be found in this particular brand as it is one of the first original carriers of the K Cup brand; in fact, it also has a hot cocoa drink that is rich and sweet to the taste for a really terrific chocolaty treat. And you can get a 2-dozen box of this for only $17.

So get all your coffee cups now and take pleasure in the many benefits of a perfectly delicious cup of coffee. Coffee beans even have some antioxidant elements to help your body combat some of the toxic materials that we get from the environment.

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