You Can’t Swap Laptop Batteries

Mickey | Electronics | Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Laptop batteries are the heart and soul of a laptop. Ok, maybe not the soul, but certainly the heart. Without a battery, a laptop really doesn’t do a whole lot of good. The whole portability goes out the window to a certain extent. Yes, you might be able to keep a laptop plugged in, but as soon as you move it, the laptop will turn off. The good thing about laptops is that you should be able to interchangeably use chargers to a certain extent. For instance, you should be able to use a Toshiba laptop charger with an Acer laptop provided they have similar power requirements. On the other hand, a laptop battery is not really interchangeable. An Acer battery will more than likely not fit into another laptop. This is typically due to the size of the laptop battery, the position of the contacts and the power requirements of the laptop. You might get lucky and be able to change out one laptop battery for another, but that is certainly not the norm.
Why do you think laptop companies and laptop battery manufacturers have decided to go with completely different designs and sizes and not go to some sort of standard? I would argue that laptop batteries are a large source of revenue. Much like a printer company makes very little on the printer itself, but instead makes a bulk of their money on the years in the form of ink cartridges. A lot of industries follow this model so I really can’t blame them for taking the same approach. Razor companies follow the same model. They charge very little for the razor itself, but the blades end up costing a fortune over time. DVD machines and video game consoles do the same. I’ve heard that some of the video game consoles might even lose money on the console, but more than make it up off of the controllers and video games and other accessories.

LED Vs. TFT – What’s Behind Different Samsung TVs?

Mickey | Electronics | Monday, February 21st, 2011

It’s easy to say that LED TVs are always better, but that’s unfortunately not the case. They’re better in most cases, and in this article I’ll explain why. Before I start, it’s important to put some of the naming conventions to their appropriate places.

Both LED and TFT TVs are based upon the same thin-film transistor panel, which makes them very similar to each other in most aspects. The only real difference is that while the former type uses light emitting diodes to produce backlight, the latter has fluorescent light tubes. The implications of this change are much more significant than you’d think.

The difference you’ll notice at first is the improved image quality. It’s not that these screens magically have a better resolution or crisper image at once, but their color representation and contrast ratio is greatly improved over older models. LEDs emit a better white light, which makes more finely calibrated TFT panels possible. All these are only visible when you take some time and check out each model in a local electronic store. Any description online doesn’t do justice to these screens.

Power consumption, on the other hand, can very well be described in sheer numbers. A Samsung TV that is fitted with LEDs instead of the old technology uses up to 40% less power, which can make a significant difference in your electricity bills. In case of smaller models, it’s not that big of a drop in your monthly bills, but as we begin to venture into the realm of 46″ amd bigger diagonal measurements, it’s going to be apparent.

This change alone makes a LED TV worth having over anything else; even with the higher up-front cost they’re going to work out to have a lower total cost of ownership over a longer period.

Durability is important, and not only during shipping. LEDs are almost indestructible when compared to the glass fluorescent tubes. They’re well fitted against physical atrocities, such as shocks, knocks, vibration, temperature extremities and changes in ambient pressure. People living in Denver better use a LED TV, because they’re not prone to flickering an buzzing due to the 5,200 ft altitude.

All these benefits strongly imply that a Samsung LED TV is always a better choice than a simple TFT screen. That’s not true; if you only want a cheap screen that costs as little as it possibly can, with no regards to the list of features, you want a TFT. In every other case I suggest you consider having a LED TV.

Good Surround Sound Speaker Layout

Mickey | Electronics | Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

So you have bought your surround sound system and now you need to set it up properly. A search online will give you different results from the technical to the useless. What you need is a sensible approach with a little common sense thrown in.

Now we are concerned with the set-up and placement of the speakers and there are a number of different systems but the principles remain the same. One of the most common surround sound systems is the five point one surround sound system. This system actually has six speakers aimed at giving a very good quality theatre type sound. If you have  chosen a wireless surround system, even better , the principles are the same but without a few extra wires to get in the way.

The 5.1 system will have six speakers they are : front right, front left, front centre then back right, back left and finally a subwoofer. The subwoofer is a specialist speaker that delivers the low frequency sound effects and the bass, it really adds to the overall theatre sound in a huge way.

Most of the guides will tell you you must do this and that and distance A must equal B etc. These are the guidelines for the perfect installation however, we rarely have perfect rooms to work with. We do not live inside diagrams, we live in working usable rooms. Unless you are using a totally dedicated room for your home cinema system, you will need to adapt the perfect setup  to one suitable for your room.

The manuals and guides give us the basics for the ideal speaker postioning but your individual room will determine the actual surround sound speaker placement . Often our rooms are odd shapes or have doors or even furniture in places where the ideal speaker should be. When it comes down to it adapt the theory as best you can for your room. Remember a room with poor speaker placement will still be much better than a room without any surround sound at all.

The Multipurpose Acase iPad Case

Mickey | Electronics | Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Choosing the best iPad cases is as hard as choosing a watermelon. You need to scrutinize it better to find out which suits your needs. Nonetheless with the new Acase iPad case you will no longer need to have second thought you can actually decide to have one among the variety of Acase iPad cases. With the help of this iPad accessories review you can surely decide which case will suit you for your iPad.

As stated in the iPad accessories review this Acase iPad case is not in reality a leather case it is made of vinyl for this it is wrong to call it a leather iPad case nevertheless due to an overwhelming buyers’ feedbacks the issue has been set aside. Since your ultimate purpose in buying an iPad case is to ensure that your iPad is protected then the answer to your quest is the Acase iPad case. It has a thicker padding than Apple’s own iPad case, it also has an elastic strap which ensures everything is secure, and the internal lining of the case is suede that will keep your iPad free from scratches.

Aside from that this Acase iPad case has other features; it enables you to position your iPad in a variety of angles allowing you to watch movies, type, read an ebook or take notes. In addition the folio style case is made of a durable construction with secure closure keeping your iPad safe while traveling. Since there are lots of copy cat in the market today it is better to know that this Acase iPad case surpassed all of those iPad cases in the market today when it comes to standard. Therefore it seems that choosing an Acase iPad case is the best option for the protection of your precious iPad.

Significance of CCTV Security in Crime Prevention

Mickey | Electronics | Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

The crime rate has an increasing rate since the recent years. People feels unsecured in office, roads, even in own residence. So, enhanced security protection is a need of the time. Now the house owners, the business persons, the mall authority decrease their risk by having security equipment.

They use home security unit including CCTV security, alarm systems etc. These types of equipment are very effective to increase the safety level. The government has also taken measures to reduce crime. The police department of every city is coming up with advanced CCTV security in most of the crime- prone and public areas.

Actually, CCTV security system is not a direct panacea for crime prevention. But the statistics shows that, the CCTV covered areas have a lower crime rate. If the public place and crime- prone areas are covered by CCTV security, then the offenders will fear of causing occurrence because, they will be captured by the security camera and later would be caught. So, there is a decrease of crime rate.

Evaluation of CCTV Security in Preventing Crime

Security scheme provided by CCTV systems, are appraised as an instrument for preventing misconduct with some certain identifiers. These help the police to find out the right place and right angle to install CCTV. Some significant identifiers are:

Effectiveness– CCTV security can enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement department. CCTV camera captures the events of crime. The live feed is also available on the monitor. When the officers informed about the crime by CCTV feed, they can get ready easily and reach there. In such action, they can catch thee offenders while they are involved. There are many examples of such success.

Time of Crime– The offenders might know about the angle, speed, range and limitations of the security camera. Then it may be easy to avoid the camera. This problem also can be solved by installing advanced cameras. Now- a- days, the CCTV cameras with high range, high speed overall high performance are available.

Getting Caught – Regions that are observed by CCTV cameras indicate less crime cases. The potential criminal fears that they would be recorded while the act of crime for bad purposes, and hence they abandon plan of crime in these areas.

Publicity – If the zones with CCTV systems get publicized, the potential offenders would leave that area. Again, where the publicity is secluded, the criminals have the horror that CCTV cameras are observing other areas also. This will discourage their ideas.

Thus, CCTV safety has shown itself as a instrument for crime prevention at numerous places, both open and private.

Where Can You Find Best Laptop Deals on Laptops?

Mickey | Electronics | Monday, February 7th, 2011

Laptops can be very expensive. The ones that are good usually cost around $1000. It is no wonder that many of people can’t afford them. Due to their high price lots of people go with desktop computer instead because it is cheaper. The thing is, however, is that there are lots of great deals on laptops that you can find. In order to know where they are you need to be familiar with methods to find them. In this article I will show you how to find best laptops under 500 dollars or laptops under 300 dollars. Here are the methods:

1. Use Search Engine

By using a search engine, you can not only find any information but you can also shop for products. That includes laptops as well. Internet is a great place to find lots of laptop deals. It is fast, easy, and effective. These are the reasons why most of the people who are buying a laptop do it online.

If you are not familiar with how to use search engine, here is what you need to do:

You go to Google or Bing. I would recommend that you go to Google as this is the best search engine in the world. After you are on the homepage of the said engine, type it in desired term such as cheap laptops or laptop deals. Once you do that, hit enter. On the next page you will be presented with lots of results. Important thing is to check the top pages first to see whether there is something that you are looking for. If there isn’t just move down once after the other.

2. Go To The Physical Locations Stores

You can also go to BestBuy for good deals. In many cases individual stores have different deals on laptops. It is good to check it from time to time.

Small Microwave Ovens For The Small Budget

Mickey | Electronics | Friday, February 4th, 2011

Small microwave ovens perfectly fit small budgets and small spaces as they are compact. People who want microwave oven for warming or re-heating frozen ready-to-eat food can take the advantage of a small oven which will serve the purpose. Small ovens are also perfect for people who live in studio apartment or dorm. A large oven will occupy much space in small houses and is a waste of money.

The size of small microwave ovens equals the size of the large toaster oven. Though small in size, these ovens incorporate many features of the large ovens like electronic touch-pad controls; automatic and timed defrost options and quick-touch buttons. The quick buttons performs the common tasks (popcorn, potato, beverage, fresh vegetable, frozen entree, baked goods, etc.) which are programmed with preferred power levels and estimated cooking times.

Many small microwave ovens fits perfectly on the kitchen counter top or the kitchen shelf and some of the ovens can be mounted on walls. Without occupying much space, most of the compact ovens perform the basic tasks of larger microwaves. In addition to this, these microwave ovens consume very less power and are very efficient. Since they are not been used for cooking or baking large meals, it is easy to maintain these ovens.

The online reviews of the customers who have used the oven are very helpful to get a clear view of some of the best ovens in the market. Since these microwave ovens are popular due to their speed, affordability and convenience, the reviews of the existing consumers are very useful to select the best oven as per your tastes and preferences. They also come in different colors, such as a red microwave, so you can get a microwave that matches the motif of your kitchen.

Sharp’s Half Pint is the most famous mini microwave. This mini microwave has much more to offer than just its size. It is available in different colors and has 4 oven settings. The device feature a minute plus button to automatically add a minute to your oven time setting. It also has automatic programmed settings for different meals. Push the button and you get the desired results. Another popular brand is the KitchenAid brand. The brand is famous for its economical prices and provides quality products of kitchen appliances, including ovens, microwave and toaster. KitchenAid offer the consumers a built-in sensor to check the moisture level of the food, to allow its automatic settings for programming its power adjustments to compliment the food’s moisture level.

The Logitech Alert 750e – An Outdoor Security Camera System With Amazing Features

Mickey | Electronics | Friday, February 4th, 2011

After doing security camera reviews for years, you get to the point where patterns begin to emerge; terrible build quality, night vision that doesn’t work, and cludgy software solutions are just a few of the issues that I see cropping up again and again.  When a camera system comes along and bucks that trend, I get pretty excited, and Logitech has done just that with its latest series of security cameras.

The latest release of note is the Logitech Alert 750e, an outdoor camera system with surprisingly functional hardware and software given its low price.  The thing that struck me about this system upon opening the box was the fantastic build quality of the included camera.  Rugged and low profile, the 750e challenges the notion that affordable security camera systems are gaudy to the point of sticking out and attracting unwanted attention.  I would have no problem with securing my own home with this system, and am seriously considering making the switch from my current Defender security rig.

When people buy security cameras, they want not only serious functionality, but also  manageable interface through which they can configure the system to their liking.  Thankfully, the included Command Center software does the trick, exposing a powerful yet easy to use GUI to the end user.  From here, you can view multiple timelines, each of which corresponds to a different camera on your system.  Jumping to interesting events is snap thanks to some handy visual feedback in the timeline window.

To be honest, I’ve never expected much from Logitech’s products when it comes to their keyboards, mice, or even webcams.  That is why I was so pleasantly surprised with the 750e outdoor system.  In fact, I plan on checking out the 750i as well based on how positive my experience has been!

Learn About Electric Projector Screen And How To Choose One

Mickey | Electronics | Friday, February 4th, 2011

You can install an electric projector screen if your desire is to seriously enhance the entertainment worth of your home theater system, or really make an impression on customers utilizing a new and improved meeting room. The slick instances and movie theater feel of most of these types of systems really shouts luxury and high technology.

Electronically-controlled projection screens are available in a huge variety, which can be intimidating – just remember to maintain your unique requirements in mind and also the choices may be easily whittled down. The most typical elements which go into deciding on the best screen to suit your needs include things like: appearance, size and aspect ratio, background light, screen-tension in addition to control-type.

Aesthetics tend to be extremely subjective; however as a general guideline, the housing ought to fit into the decor of the presentation space with regards to color and contour, and must not be too obtrusive when the screen is not being used. Mounting options include wall mounting, ceiling mounting and ceiling-recessed mounting – speak with your provider to learn more about the most suitable choice for your own space.

The viewing location size is also another essential part, and your choice is dependent upon both your projector’s optimal viewing dimension and how much room you have available. The aspect ratio of the viewing surface will depend on your projector as well as the different types of content you will view. Aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height. There are actually commonly three kinds of platforms: square, video format and wide screen commonly known as HDTV now).

The amount of background light which will be inside the room is another factor you need to discuss with your supplier – different materials all respond to light in specific ways and really should be chosen to provide you with the most effective picture quality.

Tensioned screens consist of mechanisms and design-features that make an effort to maintain the surface area flat and immobile, whilst non-tensioned varieties possess the fabric dangling freely. Think about the tensioned option if you have an air-conditioning system which generates a fairly brisk current, or perhaps in the event the room may have open windows that could cause unsightly ripples or other movement in the fabric.

The electrical motor that furls and unfurls your display is normally operated in one of three ways: with a remote control, a wall-mounted switch or an on-projector interface which detects when the machine is turned on and automatically raises or decreases the material. This might seem a small matter, yet depending on how frequently you use your electric projector screen, it could make a big difference.

The Great Expectations for Kindle 4

Mickey | Electronics | Friday, February 4th, 2011

Many people are expecting another awesome e-book reader from Amazon this year. Kindle 4 is rumored to be out in the market late in 2011 or early in 2012. The Kindle fanatics are indeed very excited for this cool gadget. Sadly, the features of Kindle 4 have not been revealed by Amazon. But many are looking forward to a color Kindle, which is only possible with the use of LCD screens.

For the earlier generations of Amazon’s Kindle, they are using the E-Ink technology. Previous Kindle versions use the E-Ink’s Pearl screen. It allows Kindle users to read e-books under the bright lights. This means that people can use it either indoors or outdoors. But today, E-Ink has produced a new screen that can allow Kindle 4 to show 4,000 colors. This screen is called the Triton. Amazon is said to adapt this in Kindle 4, thus, producing a Kindle in full color.

A colored screen is part of the hopes and dreams of most Kindle supporters. It is indeed about time Amazon joins the competition with other tablet makers, especially Apple. Kindle is the only tablet left using the traditional electronic paper display. This kind of interface may come with many advantages. One of its greatest perks is saving a lot of battery life. But today, people care mostly for the coolness of a gadget, rather than the battery life.

Since the release of Kindle 4 will take many months from now, people are advised to buy the Kindle 3 first. They can later upgrade the Kindle 3 to 4 when it will be out. The prices today for Kindle 3 are super low, it’s unbelievable. For much better news, people can also get a Kindle 3 cover that is perfect with this awesome e-book reader. With an appearance so neat, you would never think that it is cheap. There are many bright colors choose from. Other covers have cool patterns too.

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