Pro Comp Tires – Features and Benefits You Get

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Friday, February 18th, 2011

More and more people are talking about pro comp tires. This just proves that these tires provide great customer satisfaction. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be gaining positive reviews from professionals and consumers alike. These tires are designed for all terrain vehicles such as 4×4 trucks and they are considered to be one of the best among the many different tires for off road vehicles. The tread design on these tires provides superior traction and gripping power to help you drive with ease and efficiency even in snow, dirt and sand. Driving in these conditions can be difficult, but with these tires, it would not be that difficult and they perform even better in adverse driving conditions.

Where can you purchase these tires for your offroad vehicle? You can simply search the internet and you will be able to find a lot of pro comp tire dealerships that offer these tires. Cheap pro comp tires may also be available if you just take your time in comparing the prices offered by the different dealerships. You can purchase these tires for as low as $150 and these tires could also go as high as $700. The good thing about these tires is that they come with a 50,000 mile warranty so you are certain that you are covered for a while.

You would not regret purchasing pro comp tires as these tires are durable. If you are looking for tires that provide high performance and one that would last for a long time, then you should definitely go with these tires from Pro Comp. The money you spend for these tires would be all worth it. If you are still not convinced, then just simply read some of the reviews on these tires. You will find that most people who have tried using these tires have only good things to say about them.

Get Great Deals On Cheap Repo Cars

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Each of us dreams of owning a swanky car that would be the envy of one and all. However, often we do not have enough bank balance to match this dream. Nonetheless, it does not imply that you cannot get a fine car within your modest budget. In fact, one of the easiest ways to get a great car for a steal is by looking for car repo sales. With the economic downturn playing havoc with the finances of one and all across the country, there is no dearth of repossessed cars that are sold at dirt cheap prices in various  auctions.

Thus, car repo is the way to go if you are looking for cheap cars. Apart from the auctions, you should also keep your eyes open for several private sales and car dealer sales in your city. If you do not want to wait any longer for an amazing deal on a repossessed car, you can follow the tips given below to bring home a car repo on a shoestring budget. Begin your search for cheap cars on the net by typing in accurate keywords repo cars for sale and check the results to find the best auctions and private sales of the same taking place in your city. Do not forget to compare the prices of repo cars  to the price of a new model available in the market in order to estimate the amount that you are likely to save.

Complement your online searches with classified ads provided in your local news paper. This way you can keep a track of any auto auction taking place in your area. To know more about the cheap cars that will be available on sale, you can contact the dealers and brokers who are organizing the same. If you are lucky, you may just be able to get a Toyota or Honda car home at a fraction of the price that these are sold in showrooms.

Car Cost

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Are you a car driver? If so, have you ever thought about how much it is costing you to drive a car every day? It can be a little bit scary to consider, but let’s give it a go.
If you drive a car, you have to pay to:
– Buy the car. And this is more expensive than you think when you sign the contract. Even if you get interest free credit and also nothing to pay for the first six months, you still have a big debt to deal with.
– Pay for gas. And this is more expensive than ever, especially as Western countries have such bad relations with Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and other oil producing countries.
– Maintenance charges. The cost of car maintenance is higher than ever, so you will spend a lot on this, even if your car is reliable.
– Replacement parts. This is pretty expensive whatever you need to replace, but if you need new tires it can cost hundreds of dollars.
– Parking fees. It isn’t cheap to pay for car parking if you don’t have free parking at home and work.
– Get repairs done. The cost of repairs can be high if you have a bad accident.
– Pay road tax. All drivers pay for the roads they use, either in income tax or through using toll roads.
– Buy insurance. The price of car insurance is higher than ever. So try to make a saving by using short term car insurance or young driver car insurance. If you won’t drive much, short term car insurance can be a great bargain. And if you are under the age of 25 you can save money with young driver car insurance. These are great ways to cut your car insurance bill.

Car battery costs and saving money

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Cars tend to need a great deal of maintenance if you want them to remain in top condition for years to come, the same can be said for car batteries, people complain that they never last as long as they should but this is often down to people’s inability to maintain them properly. But it’s not that hard to keep a vehicle’s battery in good shape, you just need to dedicate a few minutes to it every month or two. This article is going to show you how to save money and offset rising car battery prices.

What are car battery costs like? It depends on where you live but more importantly what you drive, batteries typically range between $40 and $120 but the make and model of your car will determine how much you need to pay. That means that the only way you can actually make money if by ensuring you don’t need to buy as many as you used to, this can be done by taking proper care of it. It’s not really that hard, below are two techniques you could utilize.

If your car’s battery isn’t performing as good as it should be or your car is having trouble starting up it could be caused by corrosion of the terminals. The terminals transfer energy from the battery to the engine, if there’s a low electrical resistance then this energy can be transferred relatively easily. The problem is that rusty deposits often build up around the terminals and this increases electrical resistance, meaning your cars battery really has to push to get enough power to your car. To get rid of this corrosive build up you can douse a toothbrush in a baking soda and warm water mixture which will dissolve the rust on the terminals, applying petroleum jelly on the area afterwards will ensure it doesn’t come back in a hurry.

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Fixing a Car Using an Aluminum Floor Jack

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Thursday, January 20th, 2011

It was a very good morning and you drive your way to office when suddenly you got a flat tire.  The bad part is, that place is a dead spot and only few vehicles pass there.  So you end up trying to fix it all by yourself.  You get your tools from your cars compartment and the first thing that came up to your mind is you need a jack.  But do you know how to use one?  A lot of car owners have jacks in their toolbox but does not know how to properly us one.  Proper use of a jack will not only save you from extended repair time but will also make you safer while doing the repair.  Here are some points you should know to effectively and safely use a jack.

You do not need a very heavy jack.  A light weight aluminum floor jack will do in most cases.  Find a good one by looking at some aluminum floor jack reviews. So to start off, you should determine the right place for your jack.  Knowing this will not only save you but will also save your car from further damage.  You can usually find this in your cars manual or if you do not have it at the moment, you call support from the manufacturers and they will give you instructions.

Learn to value your life by executing safety measures in every endeavor that you take. Owning a car can be fun but surely you want to be careful in dealing with its troubles. In using your jack, never do it in place that is not properly leveled. Doing so will greatly endanger you life at the same time can damage you car as well. The car can easily lean when not properly placed in a leveled floor. For extra safety you can buy a chock and place it under the wheels when you are working underneath your car. This will make you safe even when accidentally your car falls down. See jack stands for cars to find out more about safely using car jacks.

Mini Fridge With Freezer Specials

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

One of the best investments you can make any off road vehicle is to purchase of a mini fridge with freezer. These very useful appliances give the ability to carry supplies with you whilst traveling in the backcountry. While quality mini fridge freezer units are somewhat expensive, frequent use will find them well worth the price.

The high quality car fridge freezers are those produced by Engel of Australia. These high quality devices generally run in the $800 and up price range so they certainly are not cheap. Regardless of the price however, many users swear by these devices and wouldn’t leave paved roads without them.

Engels are manufactured with high quality swing compressor unit which make them unique amongst the competition. These compressors are incredibly energy-efficient, and extremely reliable. These two attributes are probably the most desirable features a good quality car refrigerator can have, which is what makes Engel so desirable for in vehicle use.

Ice reflects they Australian heritage, there are many thousands of Engel refrigerator freezers installed as car fridges in the rugged outback of Australia. With corrugated dirt roads common 12 V car refrigerators in Australia need to be out a standup to the most extreme conditions – Engel is designed for this.

Due to their reputation for quality and durability mini fridge with freezer units from Angola now found a newly every continent and a serving many owners exceptionally well. It is not uncommon to find someone with a padded looking Engel refrigerator that was passed down from the father, they are that good.

Unfortunately the high demand and quality for Engel refrigerators mean that it is very uncommon to find any decent Engel fridge specials. Occasionally they will be sold as package deals where you can obtain Engel accessories for a discounted price, but you will usually need to pay the retail price for the fridge itself.

A Guide to Buying a Car Thermometer

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Owners of older car models may want to buy a car thermometer because these cars do not have this built in device. To guide you in buying the best car accessory in the market, I will offer some tips on what functions to look for.

  • Choose a car thermometer that can accurately read both the inside and car thermometer outside temperature. You can only do this if you did your own research on the Internet before shopping for one.
  • Check if the car accessory has an external sensor because if it doesn’t have that sensor, then it will be considered useless because it can only read the outside temperature if you open the car window.
  • Make sure that the model has a self-sticking pad to allow you to put it where you think you can easily see it.
  • If you want to customize the car’s interior, then you need to be careful about the back light color of the car thermometer.
  • The price of the model depends on the functions it offers. You should consider your budget. The cheapest is under $10 and only offers the basic function of this car accessory and the most expensive can reach $200, which provides a variety of functions such as a calendar, alarm, and a clock.
  • The add on car accessory can be powered using batteries or a a cigarette lighter plug. If you think that it’s a hassle to change the batteries from time to time, then choose the model that has a plug. One advantage of a battery-powered unit is that it can be used for other purposes.
  • Upon purchase, test the device’s accuracy in reading the temperature. Try turning on your car’s air conditioning and check the temperature. Turn the air conditioning and again, check the temperature. Through this type of testing, you can be assured its reliability.

All in all, you need to be careful when buying this car accessory because you spent your money on it, so you need to ensure that you get your money’s worth with its service.

What is a Sprinter Conversion Van?

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Sprinter conversion vans may perhaps be measured as the royals of the highway. After all, the royalty generally acquires exactly what it desires, and that’s what an owner will get when they buy sprinter conversion vans. Sprinter vans are a comfortable van which has been personalized to match the buyer’s preference. Sprinter conversion vans come in a variety of designs. There’s the familiar with camper van that’s great for a retired couple or a family that is fond of traveling.

Make your camping van conversion into something incredible that’s very useful for you, particularly if it’s used to be your home for some days or some weeks at a time. You can take out the middle seats which might be first-class easy chairs for the living space. Then you have sufficient space for cooking or dressing. When you are on a trip, you need organization to maintain your space surrounded by the van habitable. After completing a long trip, you notice several things you never use. You get more proficient after that. You are also capable of preserving the space open, in spite of carrying much equipment, by using plastic cargo space tubs you can carry almost anything.

Traveling and camping through a sprinter van conversion costs less than other vehicles. The original cost is a lot less if you purchase a used sprinter conversion van. You can go 18 miles per gallon on average where most recreational motor vehicles can get half of that. Also they are much expensive to keep up.

Corresponding to tent camping, a sprinter conversion van is much more comfortable. During camping you are able to stay inside the van if it begins to rain. It’s also capable to drive anyplace. Travelling in the sprinter conversion van, when it gets dark is no problem and if you get tired it is easy to camp anywhere.

Do you need a Boxster?

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Monday, December 27th, 2010

You can acquire a high cost SUV or a low cost Hyundai. You are able to procure a car of several shades and range that you wish for. There are too alternatives of purchasing a gas proficient automobile and still an electric car that is atmosphere responsive. You can obtain the latest car or a somewhat old one in a similarly fine state. Every one of these depends on the finance of the consumer and the qualities the shopper is looking for in an auto. Thus if you are looking on buying a Boxster whether new or older, it is in your good interest to read some how to guide to get the best deal.

Why would you think of purchasing it at first? Several of the responses to the question are: it is stylish and trendy and is trustworthy as a vehicle of Porsche brand name. Porsche is a German Auto manufacturer renowned for developing roadsters and sports cars. Boxster is a roadster; it has a two seat potential and also possesses adaptable top and it also boats a fine running flat engine.

If you want to purchase a second-hand Boxster then it is best to test and make sure that all works in the car as you would like them to. For instance do not overlook to notice that the top is running correctly as to not be let down afterwards. It is imperative to buy an operational and superior condition vehicle even if it is a used one.

One further thing that you want to be certain ahead of buying a Boxster is that, whether or not, it is suitable for you. As, it is has only two seats, it is essential to make sure that you will not be struggling for a new automobile for an extended family unit. If you have a cohort that traverses with you it is great to go jointly to acquire the Porsche.

Bringing The Dream of Owning a Military Vehicle Alive

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Years back, when mothers and fathers walked into shops to purchase toy US military vehicles, few would have imagined that that seemingly insignificant act would form the bedrock of an unshakeable hobby. Even less was the thought that owning such a tanker or a truck would form the basis of an expensive passion for the formation, working, and engine power that are the topics that characterize discussions on these types of vehicles. To the average civilian the picture in their mind when you speak of battle ships and war tankers is an unsightly shapeless machine sitting on ill proportioned four wheels that is unlikely to move at any reasonable speed.

That, to say the least, is a serious misconception. Certainly on the basis of the terrain on which US military vehicles and all other such vehicles operate they are unlikely to move at the 200kph speeds of some of the regular vehicles, but they can do half that perfectly. One such armored vehicle highly appreciated for its ability to gain speed towards a military target is the AV-25 which can move up to a speed of 100kph on land. On a war front, where the terrain may not be as accommodating for speed, this machine has a powerful diesel powered engine spewing a remarkable 275hp, making it a much loved battle front machine. It is the small boy turned adult’s dream of the ultimate fighter creature and it sits proudly on the list of much sort after military collectibles.

The whole range of the LAV fighter machine models are in fact the topic of discussion for many that are in this line of passion. That the AV-25 as an example can carry six soldiers, fully armed and strategically camouflaged to the back on the right and left sides of the machine, is cause for untold marvel. In those blood pumping moments of attack, the vehicle also has an inbuilt ability to spew grenades of smoke which beyond being an interesting distraction to the enemy, enable speedy maneuver to protect the army from debilitating attack.

Other exciting features such as night vision apertures for the driver and laser protection units make fearless attack that much more pleasant as topics of discussion. If you would like to participate and join in this as a newly acquired hobby, there are informative sites that bring together lovers of all things vehicles from the military including how to link up with relevant clubs and societies amongst people who share your love.

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