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Mickey | Games,General | Monday, December 6th, 2010

When it comes to drifting games there are plenty of choices out there.  The basic idea behind the online drifting games is to race your car around a track with many twists and turns.  While drifting speed is typically not your only concern.  You also have to worry about style while drifting as many games rate and give you points based on your drift.  Such things as angle, speed , and the amount of time you can hold your drift may all be factored in towards the points you could receive.

Within drifting games you will normally be matched up either head to head or in a small group all competing for the number one spot.  After a level is completed if you have done well enough you will then have the opportunity to upgrade your car.   You will be able to purchase such things as new tires which are probably the most important item when it comes to drifting.  Along with tires some other upgrades that you may have available are your brakes, engine, turbos, repairs, and even a completely new make and model car.  In order to get through the harder rounds you will need to take advantage of the upgrades that are available to you.

Car drifting games are quite unique and offer an experience different than many other online games.  Drifting games require quick reflexes and  excellent hand eye coordination.  They may take a little getting used to, especially if you have never played a drifting game, but car drifting games can offer hours of entertainment.

In your search for car drifting games you may come across other games such as free zombie games, mahjong connect, fishing games and all sort of other, each unique in their own way.  It will be up to you to decide if car drifting games are the right match for you.

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