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Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Are you a car driver? If so, have you ever thought about how much it is costing you to drive a car every day? It can be a little bit scary to consider, but let’s give it a go.
If you drive a car, you have to pay to:
– Buy the car. And this is more expensive than you think when you sign the contract. Even if you get interest free credit and also nothing to pay for the first six months, you still have a big debt to deal with.
– Pay for gas. And this is more expensive than ever, especially as Western countries have such bad relations with Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and other oil producing countries.
– Maintenance charges. The cost of car maintenance is higher than ever, so you will spend a lot on this, even if your car is reliable.
– Replacement parts. This is pretty expensive whatever you need to replace, but if you need new tires it can cost hundreds of dollars.
– Parking fees. It isn’t cheap to pay for car parking if you don’t have free parking at home and work.
– Get repairs done. The cost of repairs can be high if you have a bad accident.
– Pay road tax. All drivers pay for the roads they use, either in income tax or through using toll roads.
– Buy insurance. The price of car insurance is higher than ever. So try to make a saving by using short term car insurance or young driver car insurance. If you won’t drive much, short term car insurance can be a great bargain. And if you are under the age of 25 you can save money with young driver car insurance. These are great ways to cut your car insurance bill.

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